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"Reset Position" causes anchor to show up every ui reload
Bug #: 5888
File: Elkano's BuffBars
Date: 06-06-09 02:51 PM
By: fuzzyfries
Status: Unconfirmed
First off, I love EBB, love it, super low cpu load, extremely customizeable!

I have a minor issue with using "Reset Position" when making a new bar. It causes the anchor to show up every time the UI is loaded after it is hidden. All other bars and anchors work properly.

It was happening on my 7th bargroup, so I remade it and it still does it on other bar IDs. Even when copying a layout from another bargroup (which works), the anchor will still pop up after UI load.


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By: fuzzyfries - 06-06-09 02:54 PM
It looks like another person is having the same issue, with bargroups above 3.

Also, this particular bar is tracking debuffs on target.