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09-01-11 01:48 PM by: jaliborc
Making my own site was a long time desire, so I cannot help feeling extremely happy with the moment. Although it is not yet finished, when there is still so much to be added to it, from ads to my music and video projects, you should find it fairly complete.

Check it out!
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03-14-11 12:35 PM by: jaliborc
Over the last year, I have been gradually stoping to update my addons here ate WoWInterface. Some of my most recent creations aren't even available here.
Well, now it's official: my addons, with some exceptions, are now only available on Curse.

Why? Well, I'll make a list:
  • I get more downloads in a week at Curse than I had in WoWInterface in all these years
  • Curse has a much better development network for updating and uploading addons
  • Curse gives 20% of their premium service income to authors (not much, but better than nothing)
  • But, most of all, I simply do not have time to keep my addons on two separate websites. I do not have nothing against WoWInterface, I just can't keep doing it.
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01-05-11 11:01 AM by: jaliborc
Like promised (more than 2 years ago), Cornucopia is back. If you used Bongos Cornucopia, you may want to check it out again. If not, try it anyway, or go eat soap.
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12-31-10 08:24 AM by: jaliborc
That's right, I'm back baby! Bongos Cornucopia's successor, Cornucopia, can be found on Curse. It shall be released at WoWInterface in a close future.
Here are some long term features I'm thinking about for Bongos Cornucopia future releases:
  • Zone Map Bar
  • Reputation bar separated from the XP one
  • Buff/Debuff bars
  • Action Skins (would replace the need of an external addon, like CyCircled or ButtonFacade, but it's still in the "maybe" pile)
  • Raid Frames (really complicated, still in the "maybe" pile too)

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!