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11-14-09 07:16 PM by: Beladona
I was laid off about 4 months ago, and recently found employment in another state. This means that I am not undergoing the fun and exciting process of moving everything I own and all of the logistics that goes with it.

With that said, I wanted to at least get on here and post that I will probably be offline from the internet in general for about 4 or 5 days. I am leaving on Tuesday for Georgia, and will be without internet service in our new apartment until the 19th. I can get online via my iphone, but for obvious reasons I am limited in what I can do from there.

That means that any PTR patches released during that week will not make it onto wowcompares until I get back online, and SpartanUI development will be halted for that time as well.

Going forward I am working on creating a system in which others can commit to wowcompares and update the site with the latest code. When I have that system working perfectly I will be contacting specific individuals to help me keep it up-to-date.
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07-21-09 08:23 AM by: Beladona
As you can see, has been moved. I am however still getting everything working. The host platform is pretty different from what the site was running on before, so I have had to adapt parts of the code that failed to work on the new system.

My list of priorities are as follow:

1. Finish getting the file compares, and file code views ready
2. Get the downloads ready
3. Optimization and cleanup of code
4. New features and improvements to old ones
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06-15-09 02:11 PM by: Beladona
Due to the failing economy, and the inability for small businesses to keep afloat, I am being forced to look for a new job. I knew it was a possibility, since dedicated IT Personel are often a luxury in small businesses. Consultants are just much more cost effective, and you don't have to give them benefit packages.

With that said, I was running wowcompares at work, and with the upcoming loss of job I am being forced to find a new home for it. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as Dolby has already graciously given me permission to host it on the wowinterface network.

Unfortunately the time table is such that he will not be able to get me up and running until he gets back from vacation. This may or may not be after my last day at work, so I have opted to take the site down now, with the promise that it will be back within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Please be patient. With the downtime I plan to make changes to the site structure, and get it ready for the new host. I have wanted to make a lot of improvements for a while now, but never had the time to do it. Stay tuned, and don't count wowcompares out yet! With the new host I may also be looking to add additional people to the team so that updates happen more often.