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08-15-08 11:39 AM by: Industrial
Since it's been living on the wowi svn for a while I deem it stable enough for a release.

oUF_Industrial is a layout for the oUF unitframe addon, also found on this site.

It currently only works with 2.4, no wrath.
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01-19-08 11:46 AM by: Industrial
back to here! :>
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08-25-07 08:19 AM by: Industrial
Alright people, I'm moving all my documentation and bug/feature submitting to google code.

Please check the list for open/closed tickets before making a new one, thank you.
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05-09-07 03:01 PM by: Industrial
Liek hei hello thar.

I has a portal now.

Btw I really like bug reports and feature requests.