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04-10-11 07:16 AM by: Nobgul
I have returned to playing WoW. I will be updating my mods, if they need to be. I will also be working on a few mods that i took over development.
I recently have taken over development of Oversight, a arena mod and battleground mod. At the moment I am not playing wow due to real life work, I anticipate getting back into playing in the next week or two. Until I can dedicate more time to my addons including the newest addition, Ujai has stepped up to help develop Oversight. We will be working to push a update in the next few weeks, and then start working on feature requests.

As always if there are any bugs or features you would like to request please do so utilizing the Bug Report and or Feature request link in each addons info page.
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05-08-10 06:47 AM by: nobgul
Started porting my addon's to work in CATA. Please report any bugs.