Welcome to my little nook at WowInterface. Please submit any comments and bug reports for any of my mods here.
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01-03-07 08:24 PM by: Kodewulf
I've just made Cartographer Quests available for download. It's a very simple Cartographer addon that creates notes on your world map for quests givers. I keep on forgetting where to go back to for the quest hand in, and this helps me remember a bit.

As usual, any comments or suggestions are welcome.
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11-14-06 08:58 PM by: Kodewulf
I managed to get a key for the Burning Crusade Closed Beta through Wow Interface. (THX)

I'm going to work on the few addons that I am privately using and make sure that will work in Wow 2.x.

I've already updated Toolbox-1.0 . So if there are any brave souls out there, please test and post any bugs or feature requests here.
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10-30-06 09:26 PM by: Kodewulf
Yep, I got my own author portal. Ya!!

I will be using this portal as the main source of information about my mods, so check back here regularly.

Check out the FAQ for answers to those pesky questions. Please feel free to post a bug report if you find one.