#1 ▸I accidently clicked "No" on the LeilaUI setup dialog!
You now have to to load on of the following profils manualy.
Reflux is case sensitive so make shure to type in the capital leters
/reflux switch LeilaUI --> Priest/Schaman/Rogue/Mage/Hunter/WL
/reflux switch LeilaUI-d --> Druid/Paladin
/reflux switch LeilaUI-m --> Warrior/DeathKnight/Monk

#2 ▸The UI is too small and I'd like to change the UI scale but every time I relog its resetted
Disable or remove the AddOn nibUIScale.
Now change the UIScale be pressing ESC -> Options -> System -> Advanced

#3 ▸How to turn the flashing mouse cursor off?
The AddOn is called "SnowfallCursor", its disabled by default so when its enabled for you then you followed only half of the installation guide:
Step 4: Ingame options part 2
-> Press ESC -> AddOns to change the Addon Profil! Moonkin Druids and Deathknights shoud not use the "Most Classes" Profil

#4 ▸When I open DerpyStuffing (Bag AddOn) the default bag frames open as well.
Press ESC and change the normal blizzard Keyboard layout. Try open all bags or just one bag with B one of that will only open Stuffing deleat the other key.

#5 ▸How do i remove the default Blizzard Raid frames?
1. Go into a raid group.
2. Raid manager is hidden at mid left side of your Screen
3. press hide

#6 ▸Buggraber is going crazy quiet a few errors, how to fix them?
Please check if the errors are already reportet in the LeilaUI Buglist.
If not:
- make shure you diden't update any addon manualy or via Curse Client
- check if you load the right profil of the addon that produces the error
- PM me with the bugreports if the errors still occurs

#7 ▸My Target frame / Party frames are always faded out! (Shadowed Unit Frames / SUF)
1. type /suf
2. Klick on the "Range Checker" Tab.
3. Enter Spells from you spellbook that you have on any level and have your minimal range.
Always remember to /rl your ui after switching Shadowed unit frame (/suf) profils!

#8 ▸Skins are showing up clear instead of black backgrod! (e.g. character page) (Aurora)
1. check out if you have all this folders in your interface folder
2. load outdatet addons (in char screen)
3. type in /stam to check if Aurora is enabled
4. try to reinstall the interface completely

#9 ▸How do I view the calender?
Shift+klick on the clock at minimap

#10 ▸Is there any xp/reputation bar? (Dominos)
Yes it's hidden & only shows at mouseover at the top left
/dom to config it!

#11 ▸How to move the background of the 2 info bars on the bottom? (Kgpanels)
type "/kgpanels config"
and change options here as shown in this Screenshot:

#12 ▸How do i add Spells to the Special Buff bar or the Target buff bar (big icons right mid) (Raven Filter LeilaUI)
1. go into your "AddOns" folder and than "Raven_Filter_LeilaUI" folder
2. open the Raven_Filter_LeilaUI.lua with a text editor
3. Add spells by name: 12345, 23456, 34567
Add spells by exact spell id: "#12345", "#23456", "#34567",
You can use idTip or wowhead URLs to find out Spell IDs.

#13 ▸How do i change the Fonts? It dosen't show Chinese/Japanese/Russian characters!
Basically i use 3 Fonts for addons HandelGothicBT.ttf and starcine.ttf and for "Prat" AddOn i use expressway.ttf

So if you always use the same name and just replace to font it may work... but maybe you have to change the fontsize of the addons ingame.
Make shure you restart the game completely after replacing a font.

Folders where you should replace fonts:
...\World of Warcraft\Fonts <-- change the fonts or remove the folder
...\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\LeilaMedia\Fonts <-- change starcine.ttf, expressway.ttf, HandelGothicBT.ttf

#14 ▸What addon is that on the buttons that show the buff stack on the spells I use for Example using Steady shot and it show the number of Steady aim fire thing

Thats Inline Aura - i already heard about this showing things i personaly don't want to show but i haven't got a Warrior/Hunter to test it so its hard to fix that for me.
So just do it yourself by going into -> ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> Inline Aura and press the + button -> now go to Spells (Zauber) and choose the Spell you want to change (Steady Shot) set the "Preseting" (german: voreinstellung) to "ignore"

#15 ▸How can I make it so my spell e.g. lifebloom/rejuvination will show as an icon/duration in SUF raid frames?
1. Open menu of Shadowed Unit Frames by writing /suf in your chat
2. Klick on Aura Indicators on the left side
3. now on the right side klick on the Auras tab
4. now you may want to add a new aura or check under your classname if the Aura was already added
5. If you found the Aura you like to show: klick on Show aura duration and change color if you want
6- At the Show inside dropdown Menu you can let it show on one of this positions (others may show important raiddebuffs/buffs): Bottom Right, TopLeft, Top Right
7. Remember your settings get lost if you update the UI and overwrite the SavedVariables of ShadowedUnitFrames.lua

#16 ▸Is there any way i can updated LeilaUI but not lose the changes i have done with Ravens and other addons?
1. go into this folder:
C:\...\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\"YOURACCOUNTNAME"\
and open your old "SavedVariables" folder
2. Open in the new "SavedVariables" folder of new LeilaUI version that you downloaded
3. Only copy and replace the SavedVariables that you like to update. See Change Log what has been changed and if its realy important for you to update.

#17 ▸I want to unlock my castbars and relocate them, but it keeps going back to the previous location instead of saving to where I relocate them.
The Cast Bars are anchored to special positions on the screen so that they stay at the same place no matter what your screen resolution is.
Type /gnosis into your chat. Now go into the anchoring options (Verankerung) its the last one (blue in the screenshot) You may want to change the anchortype ("ankertyp") to move it freely or just the coords at the bottom: