I've opened a portal where all my graphics and mods may be found in one location. I think this will be easier since I have quite a few Addon pages now, a long list of requests, and a few more skins I'd like to make.

I will also make a tutorial here for how to create your own skins, should you wish. However, I will not be able to give lessons in Photoshop or Gimp - you can find plenty of tutorials on those topics by Googling.

You may request graphics or features here. I do not answer all requests, of course. If you absolutely must have a custom graphic, or you wish to have a graphic that is not publicly published, I'm for hire. I've been doing graphic and web design professionally since 1994. In the meantime though, feel free to post requests and I'll do those which inspire me.

For assistance with skinning, please see links at right:
Skinning: my Lua Code explained
Skinning: Graphics