I've admittedly not played WoW for a long time, and only stuck around the community because of my interest in programming addons. Nowadays, however, I feel like I lack both time and interest to keep working on my projects any further, and as such, am looking for a curator to keep my addons up to date with new patches and API changes.

Both projects are fairly stable, written with somewhat decent coding practices and a ton of comments, and there are only minor bugs and issues to address should you want to. Not expecting any miracles here, but if you're a decent programmer and interested in maintaining these projects, please send me a PM.

- Munk
ConsolePort will soon get the first version of a virtual keyboard, which is one step closer to complete freedom from mouse and keyboard.

This is what the system looks like:

I would very much appreciate help with translating the keyboard layouts, so that they can fit other locales. Custom languages are also welcome. Right now, there's only Swedish and English.

I posted a thread about it here!
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08-01-15 08:05 PM by: MunkDev
Diablo style mock-up:
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03-18-15 08:35 PM by: MunkDev
Improved splash frame:

Improved binding wizard with clearer instructions:
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03-11-15 03:02 PM by: MunkDev
New artwork!