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Beta Version 0.7 Changelog (so far)

Chat Bubbles:

- Removed Chat Bubble Backdrop for a nicer look (Its not working in Raids, but i dont know why yet)

Unit Frames:

- Removed the Role Icons from Unitframes
- Removed Buffs from ToT Frame
- Removed Aura Bars from Playerframe
- Removed Red Glowing Threat Border from Player Frame
- Removed Sidebar (All the Stuff i had there can simply be moved to OPie)
- Turned "Heal Prediction" for Player and Target Unitframe off
- Turned off "Heal Deficit" Number from Raid Frames
- Added "In Combat" Icon over Player Portrait
- Added Buff Icons to Playerframe
- Added a small Class colored Icon to Raid and Party Unitframes
- Adjusted Position of Name and Health of Target Unitframe
- Adjusted Position of Special Ability Button

New Addons*:

- Micro Scrolling Battle Text
- Big Wigs
- Champion Commander
- Easy Scrap
- Azerite Tooltip
- OPie

* Detailed Instructions on how to setup these Addons to look exactly like mine can be found in the Installation.txt of DatUI
* OPie will not make it into DatUI. Its Customization Option in terms of Style are very limited and it is very Class and User dependent, so there is no Point in including it.
07-29-18 02:12 PM by: Maizmo
I am really happy with 0.6 right now. The Installer works and does most of the Stuff that i want automatically. There are still some things that i want to addto it, but since i have absolutely no idea on how to do that, getting the installer to a some sort of "Final" Version will be tricky. Anyhow: If you have any Questions for DatUI, please post it in the comment section, since this is and will be the place where i will look for feedback and bugs.

Beta Version 0.6

General UI Changes:

- Version 0.1 of the custom Installer for DatUI is out (Very Basic, not many options, more to come in the Future)

- Changed Default UI Font (The old one was terrible, i dont know why that happened)
- Changed Unitframe Backdrop from Black to Class Backdrop, because it was very (VERY) hard to see in Dark Places
- Changed the Transparency and Color Settings of the UI Backdrop to be a little darker and a little less "See-Through"

- Several Changes to Target and ToT Unitframes (Powerbar, Portrait, etc)
- Small Size Adjustements for Chat and Bag Windows aswell as Petbar and Sidebar

New Addons:

- "ElvUI Layout Installer" (Custom UI Profile Installer for DatUI)
- "InstancePortals" (Shows Dungeon & Raid Entrance Locations on Map)
- "DejaCharacterStats" (Enhances the Character Frame with additional Information)
- "Postal" (Mailbox Enhancement)
- "AngryKeystones" (Enhanced Mythic Keystone Objective Tracker)
- "Classic Quest Log" (Brings back the old Questlog before Patch 3.3.0)
- "nibMicroMenu" (Text Based Micro Menu)

Removed Addons:

- "Masque"
- "SharedMedia"
- "RareScanner" (Didnt really fit the theme of the UI)

Additional Changes:

- With the removal of SharedMedia and Masque, the download size is now only 3mb
- OPie didnt make the cut. I simply didnt have enough time, it will come in the next update