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Version 0.2.10 (revision 15) of the WoWInterface UI Manager is now released. Please update when able. This is a critical release for all operating systems that corrects an issue which may cause the updater to not back up all saved variables when updating addons. The backups can still be restored, however they may not include all data. This patch fixes this issue as well as several other non-critical bugs. See the changelog for detailed information.

Future 0.2 releases will only be critical and blocking maintenance releases. Version 0.3 is currently being developed and will include several new features as well as security enhancements. Check back at this portal in the future for more information regarding the status of v0.3.

-- Shirik
Version 0.2.8 of the WoWInterface UI Manager is released for Windows only as a non-critical maintenance release to fix a bug reported which occurs when the updater made a previous pass on a folder, failed to update it, then attempted again later. The later attempts would fail due to an "Unspecified I/O error" when it detected corruption.

This fix allows the updater to detect, compensate for, and correct such corruption. In earlier versions, the updater would report an error but the addon was still successfully installed. The updater now correctly reports that the addon was successfully installed.

This release is for Windows only. Other operating systems should not be impacted by this bug.

Please visit the addon page for download information.

-- Shirik
Version 0.2.7 has been released for the WoWInterface UI Manager. This is a non-critical bugfix release for users reporting problems updating various addons or having critical internal failures.

Please visit the download page when possible to pick up the update. For Windows users, the setup program will automatically determine if an older version is installed and remove it for you before installing the new version -- you do not have to uninstall manually.

Please report any issues to the bug reports section of this portal.

-- Shirik
02-17-08 11:11 PM by: Shirik
After nearly a year of work, WoWInterface's UI Manager is finally in beta testing. It's cross-platform and written in a combination of languages to ensure OS compatibility. It also includes a Vista manifest to ensure Windows Vista users can use it without problems caused by User Account Control (UAC).

Two pages exist for it, click on the relevant one to learn more!
MSI Setup Package (Windows Users)
Generic (Linux/Macintosh Users)

Please post bug reports either at this portal or on the comments page.

-- Shirik