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File: oGlow03-02-11
I had oGlow working for all of twen...
Posted By: Crissa
I had oGlow working for all of twenty minutes, now it doesn't work. I don't understand what could have happened; it just doesn't do anything now. If I put a bug in it, I can get it to throw an error, but it seems to do nothing if operating correctly. Even downloading and loading it all by itself doesn't work. -Crissa EDIT:...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times03-01-11
Holy crumb, I never even thought of...
Posted By: Crissa
Holy crumb, I never even thought of this level of detail. I always did it by giving up on the flightmasters and running everywhere. Learning to type with one hand and all... Very cool idea. -Crissa
File: stakoPartyReturn02-27-11
How do you access any other players...
Posted By: Crissa
How do you access any other players in a raid while this is activated? -Crissa
File: OpenAll02-27-11
Re: Mail Icon doesn't go away?
Posted By: Crissa
Originally posted by Aydan For some reason after aceepting all items or gold the "new mail" icon does not go away. I have to open and close out the mailbox (which no longer has anything in it) around 5 times or so and then the icon finally goes away. I also had the icon pop up, only to visit the mailbox and there was nothing there?...
File: Vendorizer02-23-11
Originally posted by Sintacks Do...
Posted By: Crissa
Originally posted by Sintacks Do NOT add Fortune Cards to the sell list if you don't want to sell your Mysterious Fortune Cards too... This is do to Blizzard using Glob style matching rather than a more exact matching system. It might be possible to code around, but afaik, there is no way to be certain you have an exact match, so...
File: RantTooltip: Lite05-14-09
Re: Re: options...
Posted By: Crissa
Yeah, I got the border done already... However, reaction colors seem wrong sometimes; it has red for any of the other faction and green for any of this faction, and I'm used to it being on basis if they're flagged PvP or not or I'm flagged PvP or not... Is that possible? I took out the code I didn't want and got the colors I wante...
File: RantTooltip: Lite04-17-09
Posted By: Crissa
The lack of comments in your code is making customizing this a bit of a pain. Little rusty here... I got the tooltips where I wanted, I can (sorta) change the background. I'd like to take out the color changing border (only want simple borders); have guild/reaction override class color on the names; and make the background bright...
File: ItemRack01-29-09
I'm getting a bug with events where...
Posted By: Crissa
I'm getting a bug with events where it attempts to unequip and equip my weapon repeatedly, even faster in combat. I have one set which has a weapon to equip on stance change; I had it set to not unequip later, but it does it anyhow... ...And now it just goes nuts trying to unequip my weapon if I'm in a set that doesn't have a w...
File: ZSell12-19-08
WotLK update?
Posted By: Crissa
Hey, is it possible to patch this to link whole trade skills?
File: TipTac10-22-08
For some reason, it's not possible...
Posted By: Crissa
For some reason, it's not possible to set the background to above 50% transparent, even when 100% is selected. That's kinda annoying. Also, there seems no way to truncate the data from Tiptac Talents or otherwise move the other data around the tooltip. If I could just mess with the saved variable at least, that'd be great. -C...
File: RogueMetrics08-09-08
/rm, no response...
Posted By: Crissa
I applied the Roguemetrics addon to my druid... ...I type /rm or /roguemetrics, and I don't get an error message, but I also don't get any output. Same for /rm Auto-Attack or /rm reset or /rm report. -Crissa
File: ZSell07-11-08
zsell ...void shatter?
Posted By: Crissa
How do I link to void shatter? -Crissa Nevermind, I found it.
File: CogsBar - R.I.P.05-31-08
Bug: Not enough action ids?
Posted By: Crissa
4:44 PM> Interface\AddOns\CogsBar\CogsBar.lua:79: Not enough action slots available I don't seem to be able to do 12x6 or 6x12. Why not? Also, once I get this error, I can no longer create bars (or even press enter on the command!), even if there are no bars in the list. -Crissa