Picked by: Seerah - 11-16-14

Players from around the world went through the Dark Portal for the second time this past week. Here are some addons you may wish to check out for your new adventures.

QuestHelperLite - Optimal travel routes from quest to quest, a waypoint arrow to guide you there, and many more features.

bXP - You'll want to keep track of your experience as you level to 100. This is a sleek, very lightweight xp display that can fit in just about any UI.

Raids & Dungeons:
BigWigs Bossmods - BigWigs is a boss encounter addon, which consists of many (load on demand) modules for bosses in raid instances. In short, BigWigs will help you know what you're doing whether you're with your guild or a raid finder group.

LittleWigs - This works with BigWigs to create warnings for 5-man instances.

Pet Collecting:
BattlePetCount - This addon keeps track of what pets you have collected so far, their levels and their quality. It then displays this info to you in tooltips and the pet battle UI.

TradeSkillInfo - A new expansion means you'll be leveling up your professions as well - especially if you boosted a character to 90. TSI tells you everything you need to know about every tradeskill. It will tell you when a recipe will switch to green difficulty, what recipes a material is usable in, how much profit you can expect for a crafted item over the cost of the mats, etc, etc.

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