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Minor patch (6.2.3)
Fury of Hellfire (6.2)
The Adventure Continues (6.1)
Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Created:06-18-11 06:06 PM

Aurora: Missing Textures  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.38
by: Tonyleila [More]

for Aurora 6.3+

Missing Textures

This is a plugin for Aurora. It replaces over 500 of the missing Buttons,
Textures and Borders of the default UI. The replaced Textures appear only if this
part of the Interface is not yet skinned by Aurora or if its an Addon.

- Buttons: Micro Menu, Dropdowns, Scroll, Minimize, Plus, Minus, Hide Quest, Radiocheck, CheckBox, LinkProfession, Rotation
- Borders: SliderBar, ScrollBar, miscellaneous glows, Common-Input-Border, OptionsFrame, Tooltip, Glue-Tooltip-Border
- Other: BigMap and SmallMap, Chat Icons, Raidfraim, LFG-Icons and Rings, Repair icons, QuestMap Button,
World State Frame, GuildBank-NewTab, Groupframe, Gearmanager, Calender, Questicons, ChatTabs, CastingBar, Timemanager

See more previews in the comments

1. Download the package.
2. Remove the old AuroraMissingTextures folders from you "Interface" folder.
3. Put the unziped folder that are inside the "Interface" folder like "Buttons" & "LFGFRAME".... into
"...World of Warcraft\Interface"
4. if you want to change the blue color: go into the "Other_Colors" folder and open the folder with your color e.g. "pink".
Now integrate (NOT replace) the folders inside your "Interface" folder.

- I reskinned the big worldmap too so its like a transparent skin for Mapster.
WARNING: If you don't use Mapster the big map won't be transparent
(if you like the original Bigmap more just remove the "WorldMap" folder from your "Interface" folder)
- you may hide MerchantGuildBankRepairButton, QuestLogFrameShowMapButton

Future Versions
I'll skin more of the Art shown here visit the Change Log to see what will be skinned next.
If you want to have skinned something prior-ranked please contact me via comments

Addons shown on the Screenshots
- Aurora (of course)
- Bags: Stuffing
- Sell Grays is Gray-b-Gone
- GnomishVendorShrinker

Download my UI here

Coming up next:

need update for loginscreen system options?
skin new szenario texture?

Addon changes and updates

Version 2.39

Version 2.38
fixed PetBattles frame for the Rermatch AddOn update.

Version 2.37
Added new chat icons for minimize and Maximize (UI-ChatIcon-Maximize-Up)
fixed UI-ChatIcon-Chat-Up

Version 2.36
AuctionFrame\Token.blp = fixed wow tokens @ AH
Buttons\BlueGoldButton = fixed DK SHOP BUTTON @ Loginscreen

Version 2.35

removed PvPframe
redone: PetJournal

Version 2.34
New textur for raid difficulty
New textur for Clock Background
New textur for UI-MINIMAP-BORDER

removed not used/not working texturs:
BattlefieldFrame folder: Battleground-Alliance, Battleground-Horde

Version 2.33
removed not used/not working texturs:

Version 2.32

Version 2.31

Nameplates: TARGETINGFRAME and Tooltips folder

ADDED: UnitPowerBarAlt folder and /ExtraButton/ ...many
REMOVED: WorldMap/UI-QuestPoi-NumberIcons

Version 2.30
fixed: Buttons\UI-MicroButton-BStore-Down.blp
fixed: Buttons\UI-MicroButton-BStore-Disabled.blp
fixed: Buttons\UI-MicroButton-BStore-Up.blp
added: ARCHEOLOGY\ArcheologyToast

Version 2.29
Update for Patch 5.47

Version 2.28
Update for Patch 5.4
added UI-MicroButton-BStore
added store-item-highlight (transparent to hide bag texture)
added !BattleSlotFrame-Left, _PetJournalHorizTile, PetJournal
fixed UI-MicroButton-Hilight for other colors

Version 2.27
New NPC-Scan Background: UI-Achievement-Parchment-Horizontal

Version 2.26
new RaidPanel-Toggle buttons

Version 2.25
added challenges-main
added MiniMap-TrackingBorder

Version 2.24
fixed MiniMap-TrackingBorder
added challenges-minimap-banner
added challenges-main

Version 2.24
fixed ScenarioIcon-Combat
added back ScenariosParts

Version 2.23
fixed Micro-Highlight for red color
fixed UI-Quickslot-Depress and added it for all colors

Version 2.22
fixed szenario texture for 5.3 update

Version 2.21
Added special texture for Bagnon:
Its now inside: \Interface\PaperDoll\For_Bagnon
Just put it inside the folder above.

removed raid_mover they are now again
inside the "put_raid_mover_out" folder if you need them
just put the files inside the folder above.

Version 2.20
updated PetBattleHUD
added PetBattlesQueue

Version 2.19

Version 2.18
updated GoldRing
updated RaidPanel-Toggle
updated UI-CastingBar-Border -Flash -Spark
fixed green icons
fixed PetBattle-GoldSpeedFrame
added 4 missing ExtraButtons

Version 2.17
fixed UI-Debuff-Overlays
added LFGBorder

Version 2.16
UI-Achievement-Parchment-Horizontal changed to invisible
added BuffConsolidation
new Button colors: yellow, red, green, pink

Version 2.15
added UI-Achievement-Parchment-Horizontal

Version 2.14
added Nameplates
removed some alert textures from TARGETINGFRAME folder

Version 2.13
added FlyoutButtons
added CollapsibleHeader (guild professions)
added PetBattles
changed UI-StatusBar

Version 2.12
added MainMenuBar

Version 2.11
Reskinned Map
added Rep and XP bar

Version 2.10
ACHIEVEMENTFRAME: UI-Achievement-Title, UI-Achievement-Borders
All ExtraButton textures

Version 2.09

Version 2.08

Version 2.07
added FrameGeneral
added WorldStateFrame
They look awful...

Version 2.06
added UI-Achievement-Guild

Version 2.05
added UI-DialogBox-Button

Version 2.04
- StatusIcon (friendsframe)
- UI-MicroButton-Mounts

Version 2.03
- added some loginscreen textures: (not final)
- Glues-TOS-TopRight
- UI-CharacterCreate-Gender
- UI-CharacterCreatePatchwerk
- UI-CharacterCreate-Highlights

Version 2.02
- added UI-CheckBox Buttons
- changed UI-ScrollBar-Scroll
- added ChatBubble Texture inside a separate folder

Version 2.01
- added LFR-Animation

Version 2.00
- replaced SpellPush-Frame textures with empty files
- added new reforge texture and removed the old one
- fixed size of UI-Panel-xButtons
- replaced UI-Quickslot temporary with an empty file to avoid problems with Dominos and Masque

Version 1.99
- changed Minimap arrow
- changed UI-Panel-Bigger/SmallerButtons
- UI-PlusButton / UI-MinusButton

Version 1.98
- added ChatBubble Textures

Version 1.97c
- moved UI-Backpack-EmptySlot into PaperDoll folder...Combuctor slots shoud be changed now

Version 1.97b
- fixed UI-QuestLogTitleHighlight (was too bright)

Version 1.97
- added UI-Slot-Background
- added ReforgingTextures
- added UI-QuestLogTitleHighlight
- fixed CheckButtonGlow and UI-CheckBox-Highlight
- UI-PaperDoll-Slot-Bag, UI-Backpack-EmptySlot

Version 1.96
- added bossloot frames
- changed X buttons
- changed ScrollBars
- removed Timer (because the borders were fuzzy...)
- Thanks for 5000 downloads

Version 1.95
- Added Achievement-Alert

Version 1.94
- PvP Icons (minimap)
- UI Button Silver
- fixed Quickslot button position/size and added missing buttons

Version 1.93
- UI-Quickslot button changed
- added UI-QuestItemNameFrame (tradeframe)
- added HelpFrame

Version 1.92
- added Glue-Panel-Buttons (Up ,Down, Highlight, Blue)
- added UI-RotationRight-Big-Up and down

Version 1.91
- Change dropdowns (CharacterCreate-LabelFrame) fits better to the rest now
- added some MINIMAP Icons but most of them won't work for some reason ?!

Version 1.90
- added transperent textures for ChatTabs
- added transperent textures for raid mover (in a own folder so you have to move them out if you want to use them)
- added Character-ScrollBar
- added CharacterCreate-LabelFrame (yay i found textures for dropdowns!)
- added COMMON\Glue-Tooltip-Border
- added Vehicles-Button-Exit-Down and Up
- added CastingBar-Border
- added StatusBar/TargetingFrame-BarFill
- added parts of Timemanager changed gearmanager buttons for that-

Version 1.89
- added some calender stuff (including SPELLBOOK borders and CHARACTERCREATE)
- added UI-QuestPoi-NumberIcons, UI-QuestPoi-IconGlow, UI-WorldMap-QuestIcon

Version 1.88
- changed SliderBar-Border
- changed Common-Input-Border
- removed ACHIEVEMENTFRAME (now skinned by Aurora)

Version 1.87
- changed buttons for aurora 3.1
- reskinned Gearmanager
- changed all UI-Quickslot (=button/quest button textures)
- removed QuestGreeting
- addet UI-EmptySlot icons
- UI-Achievement-RightDDLInset
- minimize buttons
- changed LinkProfession button
- removed DialogBox buttons (will be added back in next version)

Version 1.86
- UI-GuildBankFrame-NewTab
- PVPFrame glow
- UI-Minimap-Background
- reworked MicroButton-Raid and EJ (now sharper)

Version 1.85
- UI-QUESTMAP_BUTTON addet (remove ShowMapButton from Aurora lua to see it)
- hotfix for choose quest (added QuestGreeting as transparent textures)
- fixed my minimap borders

Version 1.84
- Micro-Highlight
- CharacterSelect glow and arrows

Version 1.83
- added UI-Panel-QuestHideButton-disabled
- DropDownRadioChecks fixed
- change quest background of bigmap
- 2x new micro menu buttons
- added aurora 3.0.1 buttons for addons (not final!)

Version 1.82
- changed chat buttons (now without border) = better dropdown menus

Version 1.81
- quest objectives arrow added = Buttons/UI-Panel-QuestHideButton
- raid managers added (small arrow!) = FrameGeneral & RAIDFRAME

Version 1.7
- update for Aurora 3.0
- removed transperent textures that were not needet any more

Version 1.6
- LFG mini icons
- new micro menu buttons
- removed minimap button borders (LFG/Addons etc.)
- changed CharacterSelect-Highlight (looks much better now)

Version 1.5a
- sorry wrong chat frame bubble buttons
(now there are 2 versions on for prat if you want an invisible chat bubble button)

Version 1.5
- added SliderBar-Border
- added SliderBar-Button
- changed disabled addon button texture
- added DropDownRadioChecks and adioCheck (mail)
- added many chat frame buttons (all that are normaly visible)
- DialogFrame border addet
- Glues: Glue-CharacterSelect-Highlight added (im not yet happy with this)
- OPTIONSFRAME and Tooltips for options added

Version 1.4
- added LFG icons / goldring
- added Common-Input-Border
- added map SmallerButton
- added big world map - transperent textures only supportet by Mapster
- added back the minimap for mapster

Version 1.3a
- removed worldmap (it dosen't work with mapster and Aurora has Basic small map skin now)

Version 1.3
- added buttons for addons

Version 1.2
- added WorldState-CaptureBar

Version 1.1
- added the small worldmap and its BiggerButton
- added ButtonHilight-Round for the UI Rotation Buttons
- added LinkProfession button
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Unread 12-01-20, 03:27 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Ok scratch my earlier comment.
I made a mistake installing aurora not aurora classic, not sure whats the difference but didn't find aurora classic other than on your github. Ok setup is initiated...
Last edited by H0PE : 12-02-20 at 11:31 AM.
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Unread 02-14-20, 09:48 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant

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There are addons that don't skin automatically, like Deja Classic Stats. What would I need to do to create the files needed to make that happen? Is that like art assets? Or something Deja's programmer needs to do or where do IO start making that work?
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Unread 09-11-19, 10:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Working on Classic

For those wondering, I've just tested this on classic and it appears to be working nicely. Only tested for a few mins but the stuff I want skinned alone with using Aurora for Classic seems to work well.
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Unread 10-06-17, 11:04 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
TheInsane1990's Avatar

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Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Did anyone see any bugged textures? I will wait untill legion patch hits because blizzard always changes a lot of textures then. I'll also level up first before I do anything else. Lets see.

The class icon that will not show, even in game,
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Unread 09-15-17, 09:22 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by BabyRay
please update for 7.3
Project is dead in years ;(

That's only one textures-addon that perfectly fit with ElvUI black theme...
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Unread 09-10-17, 04:58 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant

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please update for 7.3
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Unread 03-26-17, 11:01 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Any chance for even just minimal (version number) support for this moving forward ?
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Unread 02-13-17, 03:20 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
the9thresident's Avatar

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please please update

i will give you regular donations to get this back up and running again

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Unread 02-11-17, 07:39 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
siweia's Avatar
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In the changelog tab, you've mentioned that you did "redo UI-CHARACTERCREATE-CLASSES.blp" in version 2.39, but the version of this site is actually 2.38 all the time.

Was that you forget to upload the file and just change the changelog only?
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Unread 12-19-16, 04:02 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Project is dead I think :/
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Unread 10-28-16, 04:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
inkdrgn's Avatar

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quick fix

Originally Posted by Masssta123
I think we will not get update this, but maybe some time...

Update is hard and time-consuming process, we should have patience.
the author's main addon LeilaUI is up to date and uses similar files to this.

You can copy over everything from LeilaUI's interface folder except the AddOns folder and fix any erroring images from this. then just recopy your prefered color from this to change the color again.

I've tested this with my game and I've yet to have any issues with this method.

If yah see this it would be awesome if support could be added for altoholic. Since its the only thing I have that isnt skinned.
Last edited by inkdrgn : 10-28-16 at 05:00 PM.
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Unread 10-26-16, 10:52 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I think we will not get update this, but maybe some time...

Update is hard and time-consuming process, we should have patience.
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Unread 10-25-16, 06:33 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Patch 7.1 added some new textures. If you still have time and the drive to keep this updated, it would be greatly appreciated.

For Example the "All Slots Button"
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Unread 09-24-16, 05:00 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Did anyone see any bugged textures? I will wait untill legion patch hits because blizzard always changes a lot of textures then. I'll also level up first before I do anything else. Lets see.

Do you have time to update this now?
Many people still expect this awsome texture can be updated.
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Unread 09-06-16, 07:45 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Re: Spells bar texture

Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Originally Posted by AndyNDI

Since I installed the aurora missing textures, my spells bar looks like this :

What should I do to get back the black front on empty bar slots ?

Thanks !
What addon are you using to make it look like this?
I'm using Aurora, Aurora Missing Textures and Clean Icons : Thins.

I just checked by deleting Aurora Missing Textures and my spell bars were back with the black front.
Last edited by AndyNDI : 09-23-16 at 10:00 AM.
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