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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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LeilaUI v4 (LUI)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v4.27
by: Tonyleila [More]

Main Features

The idea of this interface is to improve all aspects of the Game with as few AddOns as possible.
This means the UI covers PvE (Raiding, Leveling), PvP (Arena, Battelgrounds), Achievements,
Garrison and Pet Battels. All addons are easy to customize to your own affectations in the
Addon menu and can be disable. However LeilaUI has a very low memory and CPU footprint!
It includes an unique Buff and Debuff setup with Raiddebuffs/Buffs, Target CCs,
class/race specific buffs and trinket procs.
The UI now works with any resolution!
No matter if your Screen aspect ratio is 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 21:9 etc. !

Before asking any questions to the UI pls check out the FAQ here on my Poral first.

LeilaUI works for all specs and is adjusted for all classes:
Priest, Paladin, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, Warrior, Deathknight, Warlock, Shaman, Mage, Monk!

Do NOT update addons manually or via Curse/Minion Client

...this would crash the lua and Textur changes i made to many addons.
You can find a list of edited AddOns by klicking here.

Installation Guide

★ YouTube Video installation guide + hints ★

Step 1: Unzip and Install
-> Download and unzip LeilaUI
-> Go to C:\...\World of Warcraft and replace your Interface folder with the one extracted from LeilaUI
-> Go to C:\...\World of Warcraft and copy or replace the Fonts folder.
-> Go to C:\...\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\"YOURACCOUNTNAME"\
and remove your SavedVariables folder and your relam name folder(s). Now put in SavedVariables from LeilaUI.

Step 2: Load the UI Ingame
-> After login Gnosis option screen pops up... klick 'Load Castbar' and close this window
-> Now Press 'Yes' on the LeilaUI Dialog Popup!

Step 3: Load the right Addons for your class
-> Press ESC -> AddOns to change the Addon Profil! Moonkin Druids and Deathknights shoud not use the "Most Classes" Profil
-> read about the secret (eg. hidden bars and comands) of the Interface here.

Disabled Addons

This addons will be disabled if you load your class profil!
- BattlegroundTargets -> Shows all battleground enemies
- Range Display -> Displays range to target
- RarAlert -> raid warning when a rare creature is spotted
- Rematch -> Store, recall and share battle pet teams
- Derangement Pet Battle Cooldowns -> Pet Battle combat helper
- SnowfallCursor -> Improves the visibility of the mouse cursor
- HandyNotes / HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures -> Handy Notes for your wordmap and minimap
- MindHarvest -> Tracks MindHarvest for Shadowpriests

Optional Addons

This addons are not includet but i use them!
- AtlasLoot
- Clean Icons - Thin
- RaidAchievement

AddOn infos

This is a UI compilation so I don't claim any rights for the addons used,
I just set them up to my liking. All credits go to the respective authors.


!BlizzBugsSuck -> fix for some of Blizzard Bugs
!BugGrabber / BugSack  -> Error catcher
!!AceDB-DefaultMod -> Default to a shared profile instead of per-character profiles
Aurora -> reskins the default Blizzard frames
Aurora Missing Textures -> adds some Missing Textures to Aurora
AutoConfirmTalents -> 
AutoDismount -> Auto dismounts when the error messages "You are mounted." triggers.
AutoRepSwitch -> automatically switch the watched reputation
Basic Threat Bar -> Threat Bar
BattlegroundTargets -> Shows all battleground enemies
BigWigs Bossmods
-> !LeilaWigs -> Edited Quse Style for BigWigs
Bazooka -> Data Broker
-> TiBUI_LDBClock
-> gMoney
-> Broker_Everything -> 
-> Broker_InstanceDifficulty -> display the current dungeon/raid difficulty
-> Broker Garrison -> Garrison Timers and Acces to the Garrison UI
-> Broker: Whereabout -> shows your current zone
Masque -> buff and button Skins
-> Masque_Nefs2a
-> Molinari -> One-click Milling, Prospecting, Disenchanting and Lockpicking by holding down the alt key.
Chinchilla -> Minimap
Day Night Cycle -> resource tracker for balance druid
Dominos (modified) -> Action bars
DerpyStuffing -> Bag Addon with Item sorting
Derangement Pet Battle Cooldowns  -> Pet Battle combat helper
EasyMail -> mails with one klick / saves names
Exorsus Raid Tools (ExRT) -> Tracks raid cooldowns, Flask/Food and assists with Notes and Bossmods
TipTac -> Tooltips
-> EquippedItemLevel -> Adds Equipped Item Level to the tooltips.
-> idTip -> Adds IDs to the tooltips.
infDampening -> Adds a fourth line to the 'arena status text' that will displays the current dampening percent
Gladius -> Arena frame
GnomishVendorShrinker -> compact vendor frame
Gnosis  -> Castbar
GrayBGone -> Gray items seller
HabeebIt -> Shows possible yields from a bonus roll in raids
HandyNotes / HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures -> Handy Notes for your wordmap and minimap
Hansgar and Franzok Assist -> Helps with Smart Stampers during Hansgar and Franzok Mythic Bossfight
HideGarrisonAlertFrame -> Hides garrison mission alert during combat
AdiButtonAuras -> Spell Timer on Buttons
Juwe -> Shows Gem Stats instead of Names
Kui_Nameplates -> Nameplates with auras
LFRAdvanced -> Display of some additional info to Raid Browser and adds "Creat Raid"-Button
LinkHover -> tooltip when you hover a chatlink
Marker by Alza -> Shift+Alt+left klick to mark target
MailinputboxResizer -> Makes it possible to read servername in Mailbox
MapBoss3D -> 3D models for Bosses on the Map
Master Plan -> Garrison Missions UI improvement
MindHarvest -> Tracks MindHarvest for Shadowpriests
MiniLoot -> reduces chat loot spam
Foglight -> Show Unexplored Areas on the WorldMap + Sat. Map
ncCamera -> Max. Camera zoomout
nibProfileLoader -> replaces "/reflux switch LeilaUI" with a convenient message box
OmniBar -> InterruptBar: Tracks enemy cooldowns
OmniCC -> Cooldowns Timer on Buttons
LeilaMedia -> Bar styles and Borders some of pHishr's Media Pack
pError -> Hids some error massages
Prat-3.0 (modified) -> Chat
Range Display -> Displays range to target
RarAlert -> raid warning when a rare creature is spotted
Raven + Raven Filter -> Buff mod
Details! -> Damage Meter
Reflux -> loads all addon profils
Rematch -> Store, recall and share battle pet teams
ShadowedUF -> Unit Frames
-> ShadowedUF_Indicators
SnowfallCursor -> Improves the visibility of the mouse cursor
kgPanels -> for the bars behind Bazzoka
xanAchievementMover -> Moves Achievement Window
xCT+  -> Combat text with Icons
XLoot -> Skins and improvment for Loot roll frame and Roll frame

Coming up next:
If the latest version listed here is not the version uploaded:
The changes listet are previews to show what will be updated with the next version.


AdiButtonAuras, BigWigs, Capping, DejaCharacterStats, Details, Exorsus, iKeystone, KuiNameplates, LittleWigs, MythicPlusTimer, OmniBar, OmniCC, Prat, Raven, Rematch, World Quest Tracker

Dominos: trying to fix extra action button.

If you already use v4.25 you can just copy over the AddOns folder nothing else has changed!

AuctionLite, Bazooka, BigWigs, Chinchilla, Dominos, Details, Flash Taskbar, iKeystone, Little Wigs, Pawn, RareScanner, Raven, Rematch, WQT, xCT, M+Timer, Prat, KuiNameplates

LittleWigs, DialogKey, Pawn, RareScanner, Raven, WQT, xCT, RangeDisplay, TipTac, Prat, EasyMail

Broker Everything, xCT,
Q: why not APR saves?

My WoW Account is currently not active so I can only test this with the Starter edition!
Report any Errors!

If you already use v4.23 you can just copy over the AddOns folder nothing else has changed!

Fixed version info
Fix for KuiKameplates target textures
Fixed Prat chat copy texture

Flash Taskbar
Wold Quest Tracker

v4.23 - Update for BFA!
My WoW Account is currently not active so I can only test this with the Starter edition!
Report any Errors!

ALL addons!

ALL Savedvariables have been updated

Many AddOns have been removed or replaced..
More detailed list later!


some addons..

ArtifactTraitLink (is now useless)

Bazooka, Capping moved, stAddOn Manager profil update

v4.22 Updater for 7.1

WorldMap Player Dot Resizer


BigWigs, Bazooka, VexPower, SUF, Bazooka, Talented, MythicPlusProgress, MythicPlusTimer, Rematch

All Addons!

fixed SUF profil

Currently known problems:
1. Garrison Commander and TipTac block you from assigning gear to your order hall followers. Disable for that.
2. SharedMediaAdditionalFonts not working on Russian client
3. xCT+ combat text Icons get stuck sometimes also there are some other slight problems that will be fixed with updates.
4. DejaCharacterStats needs global profils

Master plan

https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/gladius --> Gladius is back, since GladiusEX is not working :(
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/world-quest-tracker --> A mod to improve World Quests
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/relicinspector --> Improved relics tooltips — Also lets you see other people's relics.
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/artifacttraitlink --> Lets you Shift-Click artifact traits to chat
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/garrisoncommander --> Makes Orderhall and garrison better
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/handynotes_suramartelemancy --> Shows portals in Suramar on the map
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/tier-token-tooltip --> Highlighting a token will display the item it creates.
https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/broker-garrison --> Now supports Order Hall
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18137-AutoRepSwitch.html --> AutoRepSwitch is back too

Dominos: Fixed scrolling bar on DH and changed AP for all classes, disable overide action bar
Gladius profil added
Exorsus Raid Tools: disabled Invite settings
PG finder

Added back BigWigs and Little Wigs
Updated AddOns: HideOrderHallBar, CanIMogIt, DialogKey

It shoud stop auto switching from reputation to XP now!

fixed HandyNotes size/alpha

NEW/removed AddOns:
added back kgPannels
added MoveTalkingHead
added HideOrderHallBar
added TierTokenTooltip
removed AutoRepSwitch for now
removed BankStack

update stAddonManager
fixed ShadowedUnitFrames problem
fixed xanAchievementMover overlapping inv window
fixed Miniloot XP massage spam
fixed Sound problem with BugSack?
fixed vexpower DH presets
new kgPannels
silenced Range Display in case it made any sounds?

Many addons updated... some were NOT updated on purpose


Added back DerpyStuffing Bags

GnomishVendorShrinker : Fixed searchbox
Many addons updated...

DialogKey: E is now default key instead if space
Vexpower: Fixed Shaman
SUF: Fixed lua erros and manabars, also display shilds

v4.18 - Update for Legion Pre-Patch!


Many AddOns have been replaced!

There are no lua error but there are still bugs!

Do a fresh install!

Fixed Kui_Nameplates: the wrong textures were used for the target highlight.
IF you update from v4.17 you only need to replace the Kui_Nameplates folder.

xCT+, Prat, Premade Group Finder, LFRAdvanced, HereBeDragons, HandyNotes, Rematch,
Flash Task Bar, BlizzBugsSuck, BigWigs, BadBoy, Details, SUF, ExRT, Aurora, ...and many more

Hansgar And Franzok Assist

- update for Bazooka and Broker everything
- updated Omnibar Profil
- updated ZoneSpec
- PGF disabled minimap button

v4.16b (6.2.2)
- BagSync
- replaced the AddOn "Equipeditemlevel" with "ilvlspectooltip"

Conspicuous Spirits, stAddOn Manager

v4.16 (6.2.2)

Details, KuiNameplates, HereBeDragons, ExRT, FlashTaskBar, MasterPlan, AdiButtonAuras
Prat, Master Plan, Handy Notes, XLoot, OmniCC, Badboy, Prat, !BugGrabber, BattlegroundTargets,
BigWigs, Hansgar_And_Franzok_Assist, infDampening, Gnosis, ShadowedUnitFrames, AMT,

KuiNameplates, ShadowedUnitFrames

StrataFix: www.curse.com/addons/wow/stratafix
Kui_Nameplates_Extras: www.curse.com/addons/wow/kuinameplates-extras

Last updates:

v4.15b (6.2.2)

ShadowedUnitFrames, ExRT, Raven Filters

ShadowedUnitFrames: Auras update 184355 Siedeblut 179897 Blitz
ExRT: New Profil: Fixed font error

v4.15 (6.2.2)
Broker_InstanceDifficulty, Dominos, xCT+, ShadowedUnitFrames, ExRT
HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures, Aurora, Chinchilla, HandyNotes, FlashTaskBar,
RangeDisplay, idTip, AuctionMaster, LibToast-1.0, LibSink-2.0, LibPlayerSpells-1.0,
LibDBIcon-1.0, LibCompress, LibChatAnims, LibButtonGlow-1.0, LFRAdvanced,
Hansgar_And_Franzok_Assist, ConspicuousSpirits, BonusRollPreview, !BugGrabber,
Raven, BigWigs, MasterPlan, Broker_Everything, Details, Rematch, Broker_Garrison,
AdiButtonAuras, BadBoy, LibDispellable-1.0, Kui_Nameplates, XLoot

ClickDown: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22716-ClickDown.html
HandyNotes_FieldPhotographer: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/handynotes-field-photographer

- KuiNameplates: New Options so needs new profil
- Broker_Everything: disabled new moduls
- Bazooka: disabled BE new Moduls
- stAddOn Manager: Updated for new AddOns

v4.14 (6.2)
Flash Taskbar: www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23645-FlashTaskbar.html
Annoying Pop-up Remover: www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23631-AnnoyingPop-upRemover.html

BigWigs, Broker Garry, ConspicuousSpirits , HandyNotes Draenor, OmniCC, TipTac, Details,
Battle Pet Battle Stats, Aurora, Bazooka, Premade Grp Finder, Range Display, OmniBar
Dominos, LibRangeCheck, Rematch, ExRt, Hansgar, MasterPlan, KuiNameplates, AuctionMaster,
ACESharedMediaWidgets, BadBoy, BasicthreadBar, Gnosis, range display, Dominos, DragEmAll, idTip,

- Details now shows item lvl behind DPS
- new Shadowed Unit Frames indicators
- ExRt: Updated Boss modul position and size
- stAddOn Manager: Updated for new AddOns
- PGFinder: New includes pofiles for EN and DE rares

v4.13 (6.2)
All AddOns have been updated for 6.2
Make shure to remove the old AddOn folder before updating.

Battle Pet Current Stats has been renamed to BattlePetBattleStats
Conspicuous Spirits: Tracks your incoming Shadow Orbs

ZoneSpec: fixed position
Hansgar saved vabs
added ConspicuousSpirits (Shadow Priest)
added Shadow Priest addon Profil
fixed ErrorFilter to work
fixed Hansgar_And_Franzok_Assist position
ExRT, Bazooka, Broker everything, SUF, Bigwigs

v4.12a (6.1) hotfix no update needed if you have 4.12 already
Removed Dominos Encounter
Removed Hermes profil
updated rematch
bigwigs profil

v4.12 (6.1)
AdiButtonAuras, BigWigs + Cata, BugSack, Bazooka, RangeDisplay
ZoneSpec, MasterPlan, Broker Garrison, BadBoy, Kui Nameplates,
xCT+, masterplan, rematch, BrokerGe, Handynotes drean, Details
BattlegroundTargets, Zone Spec, idTip, SharedMediaAdditionalFonts,

Added Molinari (www.curse.com/addons/wow/molinari)
Hansgar_And_Franzok_Assist (www.curse.com/addons/wow/hansgar_and_franzok_assist)
pError with ErrorFilter
PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck and Hermes: Replaced with Exorsus Raid Tools (ExRT: www.curse.com/addons/wow/exorsus-raid-tools)

"Ace3" and all "Libs..." exapt "Astrolabe" have been taken out of the AddOns folders.
This will reduce loading time and the filesize of the UI.

AdiButtonAuras = added missing spells
KuiNameplates = redone SavedVariables
Masque = fixed a problem with AdiButtonAuras
BugSack = sound fixed
Bazooka = updated Details broker position
Details = updated bookmarks

v4.11 (6.1)
OmniBar, !BlizzBugsSuck, Dominos, BadBoy+CCleaner, adibuttonauras, TipTac,
BigWigs, Details!, GladiusEX, Rematch, raven filter, Aurora, MapCoords, Prat 3.0,
Broker Everything, MindHarvest,

Added DBM and Skada Profils

Bazooka, BigWigs, Broker Everything, adibuttonauras, stAddonmanager, Raven,
Details!, OregorgerTracker, GladiusEx

NEW AddOn:
CooldownBlingFixer: wowinterface.com/downloads/info23525-CooldownBlingFixer.html

v4.10 (6.1)
See full changelog at the Beta Versions!

Broker Garrison: Color in display added
Shadowed Unitframes: Added Tank Targets / added absorb and heal predict / Added Aura idicators for Raid1 +Tanks +Holypala
BigWigs profil: Fix deathwing and some WoD raid sounds
Phoen profil: Hide spam in raidchat!
Vexpower: Color shadoworbs at 4
KgPanels: Anchor BigWigs to top of raid/group frames
GladiusEx: Changed look and size to fit the rest of the UI better

infDampening: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22904-infDampening.html
Omnibar: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/omnibar
HideGarrisonAlertFrame: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=23422
MindHarvest: http://www.aleaaddons.ru/p/mindharvest.html
AutoConfirmTalents: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23452-AutoConfirmTalents.html

Gladius with GladiusEx
Recount and Broker_RecountFu with Details!

HideBlobRing, NoRoleCheckSpam,

Added Letter icon into Interface folder: fix for Chinchilla icon
masterplan, Vexpower, Vexrunes, Recount, SUF, Raven
BigWigs + Cata, Gladius, PostmasterGeneral, xCT, Phoen
GnomishVendorShrinker, Dominos, Broker Garrison, Gnosis
BlizzBugsSuck, Recount, Broker Everything, Kui_Nameplates
Bazooka, BattlegroundTargets, Broker Garrison, Gnosis, BigWigs,
SUF, xloot, Omnibar, rematch, BonusRollPreview, BGT, MasterPlan,
Prat, GEX, SUF, KGPanels

v4.09 (6.0.3)
ADDON Updates:
PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck, ShadowedUnitFrames, xCT, Vexpower,
BigWigs, DerpyStuffing, Postmaster, Raven Filters,
Removed chat spam of xanachievementmover and BagSync

ShadowedUnitFrames: Added and removed healer spells from the list
stAddonManager: updated Profil

Added back: BattlegroundTargets

v4.08 (6.0.3)
Added BodyguardFocusAlert
Added Master Plan
Removed BlizzBugsSuck until fixed
Removed Breeze

ADDON Updates:
xanachievementmover: Added new frames
xCT: fixed some spells
KuiNameplates: added new spells on target
PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck, Broker Garrison, Brezze, Broker Garrison,
HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures, Broker Everything, LittleWigs,BigWigs,
Recount, BadBoy, OmniCC, SUF, RareAlert, FreebTip, BugGrabber, BadBoy,
BigWigs, LittleWigs, Cata, SUF, ShadowedUF, BonusRollPreview, Gnosis,
Rematch, Broker Everything, Gladius, Raven Filter

RSC: stop the spam!
Prat: Fixed timer
Gladius Profil: Redone
SUF: Absorbs + New WoD Raid spell ids
Broker_Garrison fix

v4.06 & v4.07>> (6.0.3)
ADDON Updates:
Rematch, SUF, Recount, LFRAdvanced, Rematch, Bagsync, Raven filter,
Chinchilla, LFR-advanced, Vex Power, DNC,

Replaced AuctionLite with Auction Master
Added new font into blizzards font folder
Added Breeze
Added HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures
Added Pet Battel Binds
Added Broker Garrison
Removed MyRareFinder
Removed old BigWigs Moduls

FreebTip: increased Font size
Broker everything
Broker Garrison
fixed xanAchievementMover
fixed minimap

v4.05 >> (6.0.3)
Added back License files!

ADDONS Updates:
Broker Instance Difficulty, DerpyStuffing, MyRareFinder, Vexpower, SUF, BigWIgs+C, xCT
gnosis, Day Night Cycle, Aurora
added HideBlobRing
removed Bagman and OpenBankBags

v4.04 >> (6.0.3)
BagSync, Raven, Reflux, Broker Everything, PhoenixStyle, RSC, Aurora, PS, Vexpower
DerpyStuffing, BigWigs, Chinchilla, HandyNotes, SUF, BadBoy, RangeDisplay, kgPanels
xanAchievementMover, Rematch, OmniCC, BugSack, Gladius, HandyNotes, Hermes
Recount, xCT, wAlign, LFRAdvanced, AuctionLite, Gnosis, DragEmAll

Added BagMan and OpenBankBags untill the bank part of Stuffing is fixed
Added BigWigs_Cataclysm -> Solo Deathwing sucks!
Added QuestMapWithDetails

Removed ADDONS: HideBlobRing, HandyNotes_TimelessIsleChests, Geppetto
AMT: Removed texturs: Please remove old interface folder
Added back: BlizzBugsSuck
Added: MyRareFinder
Rare Alert: disabled sound

Broker_Everything / Bazooka -> Disabled new moduls
InlineAura -> Fixed Shadow, Monk, DK Dots
aurora -> enabled Bags
chinchilla profil -> Questtracker
KGPanels -> BigWigs Fixed
mini loot profil -> Tradeskill
FreebTip -> now moveable ingame
SUF -> fixed combo points display, added pvp frames
vexpower -> profil redone
Raven -> shaman totems fixed

v4.03 >> (6.0.2)
Aurora: disabled tooltip
SUF show 30 raid members
BigWigs anchor fixed

added DayNightCycle to replace BalancePowerTracker
added back FreeTip
added new Geppetto
replaced BagSync with BagSync2

updated: Dominos, Recount, SUF, Basic Threat Bar, kgPanels, MapCoords, SUF,
BadBoy+CC, BonusRollPreview, Broker: Played Time, Everything, BugSack, Chinchilla,
Foglight, DragEmAll, Gladius, Gnosis, Raven, RangeDisplay, HandyNotes, InlineAura,
BigWigs, Broker Recount, Dominos, MiniLoot, PhonixStyle, Prat, RSC, SUF, AuctionLite,

v4.02 >> (6.0.2)
WordMap Player Dot Resizer, Mail Inputbox Resizer, Aurora,Stuffing
BugGrabber, BadBoy+CCl, bazooka, BigWigs, BugSack,Chinchilla, Dominos,
kgPanels, LFRAdvanced, Masque, MiniLoot, OmniCC, Prat, PangeDisplay,
Raven, Raven Filter, Rematch, SUF, DragEmAll, TooltipItemIcon
Recount, Gnosis, Dominos, Derangments Pet Battel Cooldowns
BonusRollPreview, Gladius, Handynotes timlesschests,
stAddonManager, AuctionLite, Hermes, handynotes, foglight
Broker Everything, Inline Aura, BasicThreatBar

- AMT fixed/removed texturs

MapCoords, kgPanels


REMOVED (untill fixed):
FreebTip, mMap, Capping, nibWatchFrameAdv, BattlegroundTargets,
BalancePowerTracker, !BlizzBugsSuck, Select Favorite Mounts
- removed kgArt folder textur is now inside LeilaMedia


v4.02 >> (5.48)
BigWigs, Gladius, BonusRollPreview, BugGrabber, BugSack, Chinchilla, BadBoy
Recount, Rematch, LFRAdvanced, FreebTip, Dominos, BadBoy, Raven Filter

Bazooka, Broker played time fixed nibWindowSize for it
Xloot fixed timers
Added new Video Install Guide
names on raidframes are biger now
Castbar needs new anchor

Addon changes, updates and SavedVariables changes:

v4.01 >> (5.48)
- BigWigs position fix in KGPanels
- Xloot can now be disabled without an KGPanels error
- Raven position fix for target and pala priest buffs
-xCT removed unnecessary fonts
- updated: Vex Power

v4.00 >> (5.48)
Updated addons:
XLoot, Raven Filter, gladius, Rematch

added totem timers

Disabled Memory Display - it used CPU to display Memory!

You can now rightklick the black Bars on the left and right side of your screen to permanently show the Dominos bars 3 and 5.

Fixed addons to work with any screen resolution:
Vexpower, Bazooka, SUF, Gnosis, kgPanels, Dominos, BigWigs, XLoot

Addons that already worked with any screen resolution but changed position:
BalancePowerTracker, Range Display, Basic Threatbar, Hermes, VexRunes


v3.53a >> (5.48) hotfix
fixed xCT and Raven profil to not overlay each other

v3.53 >> (5.48)
RareAlert, Masque Nefs 2, DerpyStuffing, xCT+, HabeebIt
WordMap Player Dot Resizer, Mail Inputbox Resizer, SUF,
Rematch, MiniLoot, BonusRollPreview, LFRAdvanced, Gladius,
Recount, Vex Power, Raven Filter, Dominos, Kui_Nameplates

New Addons:
added nibWatchFrameAdv (modified, 13kb)
replaced PokemonTrainer (858kb) with DerangementPetBattleCooldowns (47kb)

Saved Vabs:
Rematch settings
xCT now is more centered and has lager font

v3.52 >> (5.48)
Aurora, BadBoy, BrokerEverything, Handynotes Timeless Chests,
KuiNameplates, LFRAdvanced, Prat, Shadowed Unit Frames,
BigWigs, NoRoleCheckSpam, Rematch, Raven Filter, HabeebIt

Saved Vabs:
Recount, Shadowed UF, Rematch, stAddonManager, Bazooka

Crapy Chat Fix

v3.51 >> (5.47) same version
small fix for Dominos and KGPanels Profil

v3.51 >> (5.47)
DragEmAll, Broker Everything, Kui_Nameplates (KuiSpellList),
SUF, BagSync, BigWigs, Rematch, lfr advanced, RSC, Dominos,
AMT, Raven Filter

Saved Vabs:
Bazooka, BadBoy, Broker Everything, Rematch
Phase status, ids: 144759 Zielen, 143337 Mutieren, 143702 Wirbeln,
33206 schmerzunterdrückung, 17 Machtwort schild

v3.50 >> (5.42)
BlizzBugsSucks, PhoenixStyle, RSC, Rematch, SUF, SUF Aura Indicators,
LFRAdvanced, stAddonmanager, Broker_Everything, KUI Nameplates,
Bazooka, Recount, BigWigs, Rematch, Recount, MiniLoot, Chinchilla,
XLoot, DragThemAll, vexrunes, Broker Instance Difficulty, Aurora

Mail Inputbox Resizer

PetBattleTeams - You use Rematch now to save your teams

Saved Vabs:
Chinchilla Key binding changed to END
Broker_Everything profil updated
Removed Login chat massage of xanachievementmover and BagSync
Reworked Bazooka profil to maybe fix the "brokers stucking together" problems

v3.49 >> (5.42 )
1. Aurora, KUI Nameplates, OmniCCm, SUF, BigWigs, Broker_Everything, Bazooka,
2. Rematch, BadBoy, OmniCC, TooltipItemIcon, BigWigs, BagSync, Raven-Filter

Saved Vabs:
rematch, staddon, kui nameplates,
SUF: monk stagger, 142532, 142533, 142534= Toxin: Blau, gelb, rot

added LFRAdvanced

v3.48a >> (5.41 )
Updated Rematch, Suf, PhoenixStyle

fixed Shadow Unitframes Combopoints (ooops)
Saved Vabs for Rematch updated
Saved Vabs PhoenixStyle: silenced the addon

v3.48 >> (5.41 )
Addon Updates:
Broker Everything, KuiNameplates, FreebTip, Aurora, BadBoy, SUF, BlizzBugsSuck
xCT, SUF, BigWigs, BadBoy, Hermes, Raven Filter, Derpy Stuffing,

added: WordMap Player Dot Resizer (1kb), CrappyChatFix (4kb)

Saved Vabs:
Bazooka (update for broker everything)
Dominos (fixed monk profil)
stAddonmanager (added now addons)
BigWigs (moved power display for altpowers)
WordMap Player Dot Resizer

SUF indicators:
143480 = debuff center assasine
137408, 140208, = tank debuff tot
143882 = Hunter's Mark from Natzgrim
144330, = Iron Prison from Darkshamans
145195, = tank debuff soo

v3.47 >> (5.41 )

Addon Updates:
- updated: Rematch, BigWigs, Gnosis, Recount, BigWigs, Chinchilla,
Capping, !BugGrabber, BugSack, Autodismount, Raven Filter,
PhonixStyle, Dominos, m_map,

- Fixed PvP Timers showing up as green boxes (Oooops!)
- removed LFG_ProposalTime (now inside BigWigs)
- removed Mono Bags and added back updated version of DerpyStuffing

Saved Vabs:
Fixed bug with dominos bar for Warrior
Fixed SUF profil - Heal Monk buffs shoud now work
New ShadowedUF Indicators: Debuffs from Thok, Blackfuse, Klaxxi and Garrosh
Tank debuff: 145195, 137408, 140208,

v3.46 >> (5.4 )

Addon Updates:
BigWigs, Capping, Gladius, GVS, Habeebit, Hermes + lightUI, Raven Filter,
Inline Aura, MiniLoot, Pet Battel Teams, xanachievementmover, xLoot,
Raven, Chinchilla, Rematch

Saved Vabs:
ShadowedUF Indicators now better sorted

v3.45 >> (5.4 )

Addon Updates:
RareAlert, Aurora, Chinchilla, xCT+, BigWigs, Aurora, Bazooka, Capping,
OmniCC, PhonixStyle, Chinchilla, KuiNameplates, LFG_ProposalTime,
PhonixStyle, RSC, Raven, Raven Filter, HabeebIt, monoBags, BadBoy, Raven Filter
AuctionLite, DragEmAll

Saved Vabs:
Rematch, HandyNotes, Dominos, kgPanels, stAddonManager: Added low CPU profil
SUF: Fixed Druid Indicators, added new spells: tank debuff: 144467, 147029, 143494,

v3.44 >> (5.4 )

Addons Updated:
FreebTip, PetBattleTeams, Aurora, Stuffing border size, PhoenixStyle, RSC, BigWigs,
BattlegroundTargets, Badboy+Cleaner, AuctionLite, Vex Power, Gnosis, Vexpower,
Bazooka, AutoRepSwitch, kgPanels, Prat, Raven, TalentSwap, OmniCC,
RaidSlackCheck, xCT+, Broker Equipment, DragEmAll, Kui_Nameplates, NoRoleCheckSpam,
Reflux, FreebTip, Aurora, nibProfileLoader, Battelground Targets, Broker_RecountFu,
Select Favorite Mounts, HabeebIt, Dominos, Masque

Saved Vabs:
bazooka , xCT, Handy Notes, Rematch, Raven, Pokemon Trainer
SUF: Tank debuff 144215, 144176, ... and more
debuff normal: 144089, 143840, 146817, ... and more
Debuff center: 143990 ... and more

Updated all toc files to Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

Added HideBlobRing
Added Rematch (Pet Battel) disabled by default
Added RareAlert (Rar mob Scanner) disabled by default
Added LFG_ProposalTime (enabled by default)
Replace DerpyStuffing Bag addon with monoBags

Removed idTip (now use FreebTips included option)
Removed Broker equipment now using Broker_Everything Modul for it

v3.43a >> (5.3)
Updated: Aurora, PetBattleTeams, TooltipItemIcon, XLoot AddOns, nibProfileLoader, Chinchilla

Added back PokemonTrainer! Now it supports PvP again!
added HandyNotes disabled by default

Some addons are now ## DefaultState: disabled

Saved Vabs: HandyNotes, PokemonTrainer, added Bagnon saved vabs, Raven

v3.43 >> (5.3 Fixed Version)
Updated:BigWigs, Bazooka, BadBoy, Raven, Raven Filter, Recount, Bazooka, Miniloot,
PhoenixStyle, AutoDismount, !BlizzBugsSuck, TooltipItemIcon, AMT, Broker Recount Fu,
KUI Nameplates, Item Link Macros, Aurora: Missing Textures

Removed Pokemon Trainer

Added back: MonoMap, Foglight, PetBattleTeams, PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck, Capping
New addon: Broker_InstanceDifficulty, Select Favorite Mounts

Saved Vabs: KuINameplates options changed
SUF: Fixed Boss frame 100%, added new spell: 140946 (Horridon HC)
Bazooka added InstanceDifficulty
raven added in combat bar
xCT+ moved general frame

v3.42a >> (5.3 HOTFIX)
Updated: KuiNameplates, Chinchilla Minimap, MiniLoot, BadBoy, !Buggrabber,
BigWigs, BugSack, Hermes, OmniCC, SUF, pError, Gnosis, xCT+, NoRoleCheckSpam,
Masque, kgPanels,

Updated toc files of all addons
added TalentSwap
removed not working addons untill updated
SavedVariables: stAddonManager, Kui_Nameplates
v3.41 >> (Same version name)
Updated *.toc files of SnowfallCursor and Broker_EverythingConfig
You Don't have to update the UI if you use v3.41 already just load outdated addons.

v3.41 >> (5.2)
Addon updates:
Aurora, KUI-Nameplates, BigWigs, BlizzBugsSuck, Chinchilla Minimap, PhoenixStyle, XCT+,
HabeebIt, Raven Filter: Leila, SUF, AutoRepSwitch, BagSync, xanAchievementMover

Saved Vabs:
XCT+ (Absorb)
xLoot (font)
kgPanels fixed petbar position
InlineAura/OmniCC: Change LeilaUI-m and LeilaUI-d profil
SUF: Change Bossframe layout, added new spells to indicators
Gnosis: Changed AltPower bar lengh to fit new bossframes
added new addon: DisableMapArrow, Juwe

v3.40 >> (5.2)
Updated: PetBattle Teams, BattlegroundTargets, PhoenixStyle, Auto Dismount, Raven Filter,
Masque, BigWigs, BadBoy, DragEmAll, ShadowedUnitFrames, Chinchilla, MiniLoot, AuctionLite,
Raven, Recount, Hermes, Kui_Nameplates, Xloot, Aurora: Missing Textures, BagSync, wAlign

fixed focus target debuffs,
fixed raid debuffs size,
fixed wl shards,
added power bars to boss frames
added tot debuffs: 140741, 133798, 140546, 134668,
added tank debuffs MoP: 14 debuffs added + DK (116888)
added PvP-Flags
changed heal buffs for all classes to show up

added NoRoleCheckSpam
added HabeebIt
added !BlizzBugsSuck
removed Platebuffs now integrated into Kui_Nameplates_Auras
replaced MSBT with xCT+
DragEmAll added support for bonusroll mover

Saved Vabs:
SUF, XCT+, stAddon, HandyNotes, NoRoleCheckSpam, Kui_Nameplates, XLoot
removed MSBT, old xloot profils and Platebuffs

v3.39a >> (5.2)
Updated: RSC, PetBattle Teams, Chinchilla, KUI Nameplates, BagSync

v3.39 >> (5.2)
Removed TidyPlates and replaced with Kui_Nameplates + PlateBuffs

Addon updated: SUF, Broker_Everything, V_Difficulty, Raven + filter, BigWigs, Broker Recount,
Basic Threat Bar, Chinchilla, MiniLoot, xanAchievementMover, BagSync, Pokemon Trainer,
RSC, PhoenixStyle, Gnosis, Badboy, m_Map, AMT

+ 136922, 138002, 137422 and WL/Priest Buff @ SUF indicators
added back capping and Gladius

Saved Vabs: Bazooka, HandyNotes, Kui_Nameplates, PlateBuffs,
ShadowedUnitFrames, stAddonManager, Chinchilla, Broker_Everything

v3.38 >> (5.2)
Addon updated: !BugGrabber, BugSack BadBoy + CCleaner, BigWigs, kgPanels,
MSBT, PokemonTrainer, Raven, Raven Filter, SUF + indicators, Aurora, V Difficulty, Bazooka,
InlineAura, Renamed Auto Dismount + Update, Gnosis, Chinchilla, PS, RSC, OmniCC,
Recount, Inline Aura, TidyPlates

Saved Vabs: OmniCC , Bazooka, stAddonManager

Gladius and Capping removed untill fixed

added BattlegroundTargets addon and profil (Disabled by default)

toc updates for all addons

v3.37 >> 27.02.13 (5.1)
Addon updated: BigWigs, PhoenixStyle, Recount, SUF, BadBoy, Chinchilla, Gladius,
MiniLoot, Broker_RecounFu, Aurora + Missing Textures, RSC, Prat, Foglight, Raven + filter, m_Map,

New Addons: (Disabled by default) PetBattleTeams, PokemonTrainer

Saved Vabs:
SUF(=ShadowedUnitFrames): show stacks and added Dissonanzfeld 123184, Voodoo Doll 122151, Corrupted Essence 118191
Aurora (fixes)
ST Addonmanager
Raven (new bars profil)
v3.36 Capping fix
v3.36 >> 11.12.11 (5.1)
Addon updated: foglight, raven filter, Capping, MiniLoot, PhoenixStyle, broker recount,
chinchilla, gladius, omnicc, SUF, badboy, chinchilla,

added Tidyplates Threat Plates again
stAddonmanager (saved vabs)
SUF: 122151, 116784, 123184, 123017, 122055, 123180, 123081,

v3.35a -- 03.12.2012
removed !YouArentInAPartyFix
updated Gnosis, ItemLinkMacros, MSBT, RSC, BigWigs, Bazooka, InlineAura,
kgPanels, stAddonmanager, Masque, Aurora: Missing Textures, Raven filter,
easy mail, Foglight, Hermes
updated install pics

SUF added: 121885, 118135
fixed vexpower profil
SUF, RSC, PhoenixStyle = saved vabs
removed mozzfullwordmap = saved vabs

v3.35 -- 29.11.2012
updated all addon toc files for 5.1 (50100)
5.1 addon updates: BadBoy+CCleaner, BigWigs, MSBT, OmniCC, Prat, SUF,
Broker everything, Gnosis, Miniloot, recount, Raven, RSC, PS, Aurora, Gnosis

Added !LeilaWigs (BiwgWigs style ->Now you can update BiwgWigs by yourself)
Added back Hermes + Hermes_LightUI (raid cooldown tracker)
Added ItemLinkMacros

Update: xanAchievementMover, BigWigs, Balance Power Tracker, PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck,
Vex Power, stAddonManager, FreebTip, SUF, Broker-RecountFU, Raven Filter,
LeilaMedia, BadBoy, Inline Aura, Raven, Chinchilla, AuctionLite, !BugGrabber, BPT,

- Removed Nameplate Fix
- Removed arch map fix
- Removed PetBattleQualityGlow
- Removed Collie untill updated
- removed dNameplates untill updated

Saved vabs:
SUF: added spell 121881, fixed fokus buffsize, fixed questboss icon, removed rezz status from raid
Vexpower, Biwgwigs, Broker_RecountFu, BTB, Aurora, Hermes, stAddonmanager

Update: BigWigs, Miniloot, FreebTip, Raven Filter, pError (saved vabs)
fixed Bazooka (saved vabs) (recount fu tooltip size)
removed all xloot profils exapt default (saved vabs)
removed Tidyplates (saved vabs)
!BugGrabber (saved vabs)
removed profileKeys from all addons (saved vabs)

Added Gladius again
Added !YouArentInAPartyFix again
Replaced m_loot with XLoot
Replaced MozzFullWorldMap with Foglight
Replaced TidyPlates and TidyPlates_ThreatPlates with dNameplates

Changed BPT Look
miniloot saved vabs
fixed dominos bars for monk (saved vabs)
SUF saved vabs (Aura indicators: raid debuffs added + Monk)
aurora saved vabs
Updated InlineAura, PS, vexpower, bigwigs, raven filter, xanAchievementMover, Dominos,
Chinchilla, RSC, BagSync, Gnosis, Broker RecountFu, Miniloot, Real Auto Dismount

fixed vexpower?
Updated BigWigs, RSC, Collie

updated stAddonmanager, Collie, BagSync, Raven, Raven Filter, FreebTip, Prat, SUF,
vexpower, Basic Threat Bar, Phoenixstyle, Aurora: Missing Textures, RaidSlackCheck,
Broker_Everything, Gnosis, Shadowed Unit Frames, Tidy Plates, m_Loot, miniloot,
Recount, vexpower,

+ BPT fix
+ replaced Archived! with xanAchievementMover
+ fixed suf alt power
+ Broker_Everything/bazooka, vexpower fix
+ change btb colour
+ removed MapCoords
+ added m_Map
+ gnosis fixed alt power + castbar colour
+ LeilaUI-m is now loaded as monk profil
+ added capping

updated MiniLoot, Aurora, Shadowed Unit Frames, Dominos, BigWigs Bossmods,
Tidy Plates, Chinchilla Minimap, Raven, Collie, Raven Filter: Leila, AMT, Badboy,
V Difficulty, inline aura, OmniCC, nibProfilLoader, BagSync, MSBT, Bazooka, Gnosis

removed SUF Chi (saved vabs)
Tidy Plates fixed
saved vabs raven
saved vabs staddonmanager
added PetBattleQualityGlow

v3.31(same filename)
updated Vexpower
fixed perror

v3.31 ....updated versions for ALL resolutions will now follow
Updated: Broker_Everything, OmniCC , Masque_Nefs2, Inline Auras, EasyMail,
Vexrunes, PhonixStyle, Dominos, BPT, TpTp, Badboy, Raven Filter, SUF, freebtip
Updated all toc files to 50001
fixed vexrunes position
added Raven Timeline again
added Collie (mount search/filter)
added Vexpower
saved vabs: Addonmanager, Broker_Everything, SUF, raven, vexpower, vexrunes, Masque, bagsync

fixed Tidy Plates not loaded
Missing textures update
Added Bugsack amd updated Buggrabber
saved vabs: Addonmanager, Bugsack, raven (cooldown bar fixed)
Updated: Dominos, MSBT, Raven, TP: Threat Plates, Gnosis, PhoenixStyle,
SUF Aura Indicators, BigWigs, Bazooka, RSC, Recount, AuctionLite

- fixed aurora font, fixed combopoints/shadow orb/shards etc. of SUF, fixed BalancePowerTracker

- updated: BigWigs, Aurora, Dominos, Basic Threat Bar, Broker_Everything, Shadowed Unit Frames,
Raven, PhoenixStyle, Tidy Plates, MiniLoot, raven filter, FreebTip, RSC, OmniCC, Inline Aura, AuctionLite, Chinchilla

- New saved vabs: Broker_Everything, MiniLoot, BalancePowerTracker, Vex Runes, stAddonmanager
- added Vex Runes and removed nibRunes

Version 3.29b
- updated: Broker_RecountFu, m_Loot, Broker Everything, Masque, Chinchilla Minimap, MSBT, Gnosis,
Raven, FreebTip, Dominos, Tidy Plates, Basic Threat Bar, Buttonfacade_Nefs,
- added V_Difficulty (LDB)
- removed !YouArentInAPartyFix and removed Raven Timeline untill its fixed

Version 3.29a
- Chinchilla Minimap, Aurora, BadBoy x2, tidyplates+TP, SUF, Reflux, raven, msbt, masque, kgpanels,dragEmAll,
- OmniCC, Prat, Recount, Reflux, Bazooka, DerpyMedia and DerpyStuffing, Bigwigs, marker,
- BF-nefs, FreebTip, gMoney, Gnosis, MiniLoot, BalancePowerTracker, raven filter, Missing Textures, 50001
- GrayBGone, GnomishVendorShrinker, PhoenixStyle, RaidSlackCheck, ButtonFacade_Nefs, btb
- Broker Everything
saved vabs: btb, suf

removed CompanionCount, hermes, gladius, V_Difficulty (LDB)

Version 3.28 ....updated versions for other resolutions will now follow
- removed teks loot, replaced with mLoot
- updated mLoot, Chinchilla Minimap, Aurora, BagSync, BadBoyx2, kgpanels, raven filter
- replaced Stuffing with DerpyStuffing

Version 3.27a
- removed PhoenixBroker
- changed bazooka

Version 3.27
- Addon updates:Tidy Plates, PhoenixStyle, Aurora, BigWigs, RaidSlackCheck, Raven filter, Badboy, Masque, Chinchilla, InlineAura
Companion Count, Recount
- made TidyPlates_ThreatPlates lighter so you can see them better

Version 3.26
- Addon updates:
Aurora+textures, BadBoy, BagSync, BPT, Bazooka, BigWigs,
Chinchilla, DragEmAll, Gnosis, Masque, MiniLoot, MozzFullWorldMap,
nibProfileLoader, OmniCC, PS, RSC, raven+filter, RealAutoDismount, Recount
- SavedVariables changes:
SUF:Indicators ( fixed auras for pala/druid),
stAddonmanager (disableded Hermes do not enable in raidfinder)
fixed dominos shaman totems

Version 3.25
- "Sengendes Plasma" fix SUF Auras and added "Traum" and "Schrapnell"
- fixed stacks of Raven target buffs
- updated inline auras, MSBT, Dominos, Recount, BigWigs, GnomishVendorShrinker, BagSync,Raven, raven filter

Version 3.24 - fix for 4.3
- updated Aurora + Missing Tetxtures, Bigwigs, chinchilla, dominos, raven filter, SUF
- added new filters to aura indicators
- changed stA to show aura indicators for DK
- fixed extra Action button and its position (Dominos)
- fixed suf raid position
- fixed tptp

Version 3.23 - Update for 4.3
- fixed aurora tabs auction house
- fixed SUF group text
- updated Auction lite, Raven + filter, Bigwigs, BagSync, Aurora, Dominos, OmniCC, Gnosis, BTB,
- updated Prat, Reflux, SUF, RaidSlackCheck, MSBT, KgPannels, BigWigs, Badboy+cleaner,
- updated *toc files of all Addons
- removed miniblobs
- replaced BF with masque

Version 3.22
- fixed aurora
- updated Raven Filter
- fixed SUF soul shards
- fixed SUF aura indicators

Version 3.21
- rescale the UI to make it really pixel perfekt
- changed all addon scales for that
- reworked UnitFrames and Tidyplates
- removed SUF Arena profils! (not needet any more)
- changed layout of many addons...
- Changed BPT and added NibRunes
- Updated: Raven, MiniLoot, Tidyplates +TPTP, nibProfileLoader, Inline Aura, Chinchilla, BagSync, BigWigs, BadBoy, PhoenixStyle, Tidy Plates, SUF,
- fixed achievement addon

Version 3.20
- You don't need to load reflux profils manualy any more!
- Updated: BigWigs, FreebTip, ShadowedUF, PS-Brocker, BagSync, Chinchilla, Raven
- Added: nibProfileLoader, Move(Hide)Achievement, Broker: Whereabout, AutoRepSwitch
- Removed zBrokerTracking, AutoReputationWatch
- small changes: stuffing , changed Bugsack, Broker EQ and TiBUI_LDBClock tooltip
- change Minimap: Chinchilla, Raven, Bazooka, TiBUI_LDBClock
- Anchored all KGPanels button hider
- gnosis (changed size/pos)
- changed SUF indicator layout

Version 3.19b
- added MiniBlobs and changed ACP for that
- removed dubble addon Raven filter
- Updated Bigwigs, MiniLoot, Aurora, ShadowedUF_Indicators
- cleand up ShadowedUF_Indicators
- removed some old profileKeys

Version 3.19
- added AutoReputationWatch, LinkHover and MiniLoot
- removed lootcounter for that
- added new missing Aurora textures (loginscreen)
- updated: Bigwigs, Raven, Aurora, OmniCC
- added spells to raven filter and renamed the Addon
- removed old profils of Prat, Inline Aura, Bazooka and Gladius
- fixed Borders of Teksloot, freebtip and mloot
- fixed PS profil (channels), Gnosis profil, Dominos shaman totem profil, TPTP profil (tank roll)
- fixed HandelGothicBT font for raven and gnosis profil! (was missing since v 3.15 cO)
- basic threat bar changed font path
- anchoerd kgpannels pet bar hider to suf player
- changed wow font and chat font to Expressway Free (SharedMediaAdditionalFonts, Prat)
- changed LeilaMedia Border 1 for mloot
- changed inline aura combo points modul
- changed stuffing
- changed ACP for that

Version 3.18
<<<<<<< part 3
- removed all LeilaUI-h and LeilaUI-j profils and its reflux commands
- changed almost all addon profils!
<<<<<<< part 2
- changed BF skin to an editet version of Nefs
- change SUF all profils: textur, target of target & t. of t. of t.
- changed Inline Auras and OmniCC
- changed Raven for new BF skin
- change Gnosis for new BF skin and the bars ar now anchored
- changed Dominos for new BF skin
- changed BPT for the changes
<<<<<<< part 1
- fixed/change LeilaBars down left and right (kgpannels)
- changed ACP all classes to most classes
- raven Timeline changed
- fixed priest spell showing up in all classes special buffs
- added new aurora missing textures (chattabs!)
- added some new raven filters
- fixed Bazooka for new Tidy Plates update
- Bpt massage removed
- fixed RSC local
- added new prat chat button
- added buttons to show/hide dominos bars: Petbar, action bar left/right
- > changed dominos layout for that
- Updates: Raven, Gnosis, Balance Power Tracker, PhoenixStyle, Tidy Plates, Hermes LightUI
- removed HideRaidFrame and its SavedVabs (now fixed by Blizzard)
- remove pHishmedia and libshared media to add own folder LeilaMedia

Version 3.17 - full reinstall!
- updated: OmniCC, BadBoy, Chinchilla Minimap, raven + filter, recount, phoenixstyle, aurora, BigWigs, ACP, BalancePowerTracker
- added "Marker" by Alza: Shift+Alt+left klick to mark target
- replaced EJSmallerMapButtons with MapBoss3D
- replaced Forte With the Raven Timeline future
- changed reflux profil: stuffing is emulated for all profils now!
- changed ACP options: "All Classes" Profil shoud not be used by Schaman or Druid
- raven_filter: fixed many spells be showing only if self buff or if it has the exact spell id
- msbt changed some things
- changed bigwigs skin
- hopefully fixed stuffing reposition every time
- chinchilla N W E S changed color + placed is smaler now
- added Mage, Warlock and Schaman buffs to the special buff bar
- fixed dominos profil for Schaman

Version 3.16 - full reinstall!
- fixed Hide raidframe, bazooka, Broker_recounFu and Raven Profil
- removed title from questtrack (chinchilla)
- addon update: PhoenixStyle, Balance Power Tracker, BagSync, Aurora+textur, BadBoy, Chinchilla, BigWigs, Raven +Raven_Filter
- changed ARIALN.ttf in fonts folder
- Broker_Equipment tooltip changed
- you don't need to move BasicThreatBar anymore (its in the right position now)
- you don't need to move, config or load profil of Stuffing Bags anymore

Version 3.15 - full reinstall!
replaced and added AddOns:
- replaced SBF with Raven + Raven_Filter_Initialization
- replaced Broker_RecountStats with Broker_RecountFu
-> changed ACP and Bazooka profil for that.
- added HideRaidFrame, idTip and EJ Smaller Map Buttons
addon updates:
- aurora + addet show map button @ questlog + missing textures
- gMoney, Broker_Equipmentm, BigWigs, Hermes, Bazooka, MSBT, RSC, PhoenixStyle, BadBoy
- broker_everything bag color now only if red
- mozzfullworldmap fixed german local
- fixed tptp error
- fixed SUF showig power bar alt and change some stuff
- changed Bigwigs look and Dominos buttons (down right)

Version 3.14b
- fixed BagSync errors
- changed m-loot icons
- tptp massage changed
- new Aurora Missing Textures
- update: kgPannels, PhoenixStyle, Reflux, Prat, BigWigs, Recount, Hermes, Hermes_LightUI, BagSync, Aurora ...

Version 3.14a
- updatet mapcoords, bazooka, TolltipIcon, Recount, PhoenixStyle, BadBoy, BigWigs, BagSync
- changed stuffing dropdown menu (removed keyring)
- hopefully fixed sbf profil

Version 3.14 (hotfix for patch 4.2)
- updatet: Hermes v2.2, Aurora 3.0, OmniCC, Dominos, MozzFullWorldMap, Prat, DragEmAll, ACP, Recount
- updatet: Forte, MSBT, SUF, TP, TPTP, BigWigs, BadBoy, BadBoy_CCleaner, BTB-PX, BaPowTracker, Chinchilla
- *.toc 4.2 update for all Addons

- dominos changed micro menu and stance bar
- changed bigwigs bar colour
- changed Hermes bg bar colour + size
- Chinchilla LFD position changed
- added Prat chat button on the top right of the chat window (invisible)
- added Aurora Missing Textures 1.75
- added sbf special buffs for Warrior and some raid debuffs + frogg as targetbuff

Version 3.13
- updated: Aurora, Chinchilla
- added Aurora Missing Textures

Version 3.12
- updated: Gnosis, ForteXorcist, Chinchilla, BadBoy, ACP, Inline Aura, Prat
- updated Saved Vabs of: ForteXorcist, ACP, reflux, hermes
- replace Raid Cooldowns with Hermes LightUI
- added Hermes to reflux
- added Real Auto Dismount

Version 3.11a/b/c
- updated Basic Threat Bar (tooltip change)
- updated BagSync and Basic Threat Bar

Version 3.11
- SUF target of target buff size changed
- Updatet: MSBT, Inline aura, Gnosis, Dominos, BadBoy
- added Aurora 2 - buttons for addons will not be supportet (only mouseover highlight)
- added Broker V_Difficulty (dungeon/raid difficulty) shown on mouseover @ minimap
- added MozzFullWorldMap to show Unexplored Areas at the map
- ACP profils update for V_Difficulty and MozzFullWorldMap
- removed BagSync Border and changed PhoenixStyle

Version 3.10
- Updatet: Gnosis, MSBT, BagSync, PhoenixStyle, OmniCC, Chinchilla, Gladius
- Updatet: GnomishVendorShrinker, MapCoords, BigWigs, BadBoy, Aurora
- pHish 16 and Chinchilla textur fix
- SUF: grp and target auras: time change and highlight on debuff
- omnicc timer fix
- forte profil cleand up
- SBF new raid and special druid buffs and Guardian Spirit added to pala buffs
- dominos petbar for priest, paladin & shaman profil now visible on mouseover
- removed dominos shaman profil (LeilaUI-s) now you can use LeilaUI-h

Version 3.09
- added ACP profils for all classes
- added Dominos profil for Shaman
- added hunter reflux profil (full hunter support now = profils in all addons!)
- bump up .TOCs of not yet updatet but working addons
- updatet: UnobtrusiveCompactRaidManager, Gnosis, PhoenixStyle, RSC
- updatet: ForteXorcist, BigWigs, SUF, TPTP, TooltipItemIcon, Bazooka, DragEmAll
- updatet: PhoenixBroker, Relux, kgPanels, BalancePowerTracker(v1.1.8),
- updatet: Broker Equipment, FreebTip 1.6, TidyPlates
- disabled recount stats broker tooltip
- disabled classcoloring of Broker displays
- added Lootcounter (seems to work fine now)
- changed target textur; If you want the old: /tptp > Widgets > Target Highlight

Version 3.08 BETA (quick hotfix for 4.1)
- removed SpeedyActions (integrated into the standart UI since 4.1)
- updatet addons for 4.1: ACP, Badboy/cleaner, Chinchilla, Dominos, Aurora to v1.5, OmniCC, Gladius v1.0.16-beta, Prat 3.4.16, Reflux to v1.11, PhoenixStyle (now with new reset all infos button), RaidSlackCheck, Recount, SUF, Prat 3.0, MSBT
- fixed ACP DK profil (threat bar)
- removed not yet working addons: Raid Cooldowns, Lootcounter

Version 3.07
+ Changed Gnosis target castbar font sitze (isn't scaled anymore)
+ Gnosis cast fix for T4W boss 1
+ updated Balance Power Tracker
+ Updated Gnosis to v2.61
+ updated BadBoy, BigWigs, inline aura v1.6-beta-12, PhoenixStyle + changed DE locals
+ updated OmniCC waffles 12, TP beta to Version: 6.2 (R259), TPTP beta to Version: v5.1.8
+ updated SM:Fonts (only toc)
+ changed forteX options: removed "guild port" spell cooldown
+ added BasicThreatBar [with own lua configs] - removed STM
+ fixed Balance Power Tracker layout
+ fixes for druids: dominos, SUF, Inline aura, sbf
+ added some sbf raid buffs and sbf hunter profil
+ change all msbt and prat output locasl to english!
+ SUF: arena 2,3,5 man layout added
+ SUF: resized buff/debuff size off bossframe
+ SUF: and added range indicator for bossframe and Fokus/F-Target
- BigWigs short timer size changed
- Bazooka layout: moved PhoenixS. to the right so that DMG/infight time has space
- broker recount stats infight time shown
- changed ACP options for btb

Version 3.06
- Gladius fixed (beta 13 won't work so i hope 14 works now)
- fixed SUF raid (pixel perfekt) + suf grp names (high)
- SUF pet names shortend
- SUF Healer layout now has Tank frames again
- SUF ToT and ToToT are classcoloured now
- new SBF buffs + flask and food frame cleaned up and added buffs of "Cauldron of Battle"
- SBF fixed problem showing other players buffs in special buff bar
- BugSack doesen't play the anoying sounds any more (muted)
- removed BuyEmAll since it doesen't work together with GnomishVendorShrinker
- minor changes in TidyPlates_ThreatPlates options for the new version
- changed ACP options for this
- updated InlineAura
- updated PhoenixStyle
- updated !BugGrabber
- updated TidyPlates_ThreatPlates

Version 3.05
- renamed all reflux commands! All Addon profils were updated for this!
- added a new Stuffing layout (if not loadet with the reflux comand try loading /reflux switch LeilaUI)
- Shadowed UF: added level to grp frame + increased sitze (for all profil now)
- Shadowed UF: new layout with 1 px border that works for all classes (not tested with Druid/Shaman)
- Shadowed UF: reskinned combo points / Pala holy power
- only one forte profil for all clases - you don't have to switch any more
- Gnosis added 2 new bars: player target instead of SUF cast bar and boss power bar alt bar
- chinchilla: blizz power alt bar still aktiv (coudn't test if Gnosis bar works yet = ?)
- SBF: new spells and moved layout
- m_Loot better close button position/skin
- Threat Plates reskinned for new versions
- chinchilla: moved ticket status to see XP bar if ticket is open
- Aurora: added the buttons of v3.0 again
- dominos: main bars moved a little bit up to fit to the new SUF layout
- fixed some inline aura countdowns for Rogue and DK
- gladius changed sitze

- updated Tidy Plates and Threat Plates to 5.0
- updated Shadowed UF, Gnosis, BadBoy, Ace3, AuctionLite
- updated BalancePowerTracker, BigWigs, BugSack,
- updated BuyEmAll, Dominos, Forte, Gladius, InlineAura
- updated PhoenixStyle, UnobtrusiveCompactRaidManager

- added GnomishVendorShrinker (10kb)
- added CompanionCount (<1kb) [mount and pet counter added again - was accidently removed]

Version 3.04b
- Hotfix updated Shadowed UF to v3.3.2-6-g220d031
i thought this woud make player alt power bar work but it doesen't sry ;(

Version 3.04
- updated SUF
- updated Gnosis
- updated Gladius
- updated PhoenixStyle
- updated Dominos
- added player alt power bar to all suf profils & disabled the blizz bar @ chinchilla
- added some new trinket procs and other spells to SBF

Version 3.03
- removed raid archiv [optional Addon]
- removed MovePowerBarAlt - is now suportet by Chinchilla

- updated AuctionLite
- updated BigWigs
- updated BadBoy
- updated Chinchilla
- updated Dominos
- updated ForteXorcist
- updated Inline Aura
- updated kgPanels
- updated PhoenixStyle
- updated Shadowed UF
- updated Tidy Plates: TP

- fixed Raidcooldown: rebirth (druid)
- added many cata SBF spells to the list
- changed ALL SBF spells to spell IDs to work on english clients too!
- added SBF timers and counts to some sbf frames
- SUF player afk status fixed + player bar high fixed
- Chinchilla no more mouseover symbols + PlayerPowerBar moved
- Gladius moved and ajusted
- little changes to Tp:Tp (Level moved)

Version 3.02
- tryed to fixed Aurora windows, feedback pls!
- RaidCooldowns positions fixed
- updated Prat-3.0 3.4.15
- updated BigWigs
- PhoenixStyle 1.510
- updated RaidAchievement
- updated RaidSlackCheck 1.23
- updated Gnosis to 2.5
- updated Gladius v2.0.11-beta
- updated ForteXorcist v1.974.1
- updated BalancePowerTracker(v1.1.3)

Version 3.01
- added CompanionCount (<1kb) (mount and pet counter)
- added MovePowerBarAlt (<1kb) (/mpba will move SonarReader of Atramedes / Blood frame of Chogall

- fixed Sitze of Raid-Manager frame
- fixed ACP profils for the new addons
- fixed Suf:aura: added some raid debuffs... profils dosen't work yet..
- fixed SBF:Login spam gone!
- fixed SBF: added buffs/debuffs: raids & hcs + Flasks + PvP: added Entrinnen, Wirbel, Sonnenstrahl
- fixed SBF: klicking off buffs now works for every class

- updated Aurora
- updated AuctionLite
- updated ACP
- updated BugGrabber
- updated BadBoy/+ccleaner
- updated Bigwigs
- updated BagSync
- updated BugSack
- updated Bazooka to v2.1.0
- updated Dominos
- updated Forte
- updated Gladius
- updated Gnosis to v2.10
- updated InlineAura
- updated OmniCC
- updated Prat-3.0
- updated PhoenixStyle 1.508
- updated RaidAchievement
- updated RaidSlackCheck
- updated Recount v4.0.1e

Version 3.00
- updated ACP
- updated Bazooka to v 1.9.6
- updated Gnosis 2.7
- updated RaidSlackCheck
- updated RaidAchievment
- updated forte 1.972
- updated OmniCC 4 waffles 10
- updated BigWigs for cata
- updated easymail to 3.1.9
- updated InlineAura
- added Gladius v2.0.3-beta
- added Shadow Unit Frames Aura Indicators again now enabled for priest/pala
- fixed Gnosis mindcontrol/underwater bar layout
- fixed Gladius layout for the new version
- fixed MSBT speed
- fixed InlineAura priest glowing spells
- fixed ACP for aura indicators
- added some pError massages
- SUF: added level to grp frame + increased sitze (only for LeilaUI2 profil)
- SBF: added more special buffs and made the special buff frame larger
- changed quest helper position again
- changed dominos position for quest helper position

Changelog Version 2.9 and older were removed ask me if you need them :)
teksLoot/m_loot (modified)-> Lootframe/Rollframe move with /teksloot
LootWonAlert_Hider_Mover ->Lootwonalert: Move (/lwl) Hide (/lwh) Show (/lws)
-> Maybe TidyPlates will ask you to load the Thread Plates, press yes this will reload the UI.
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Unread 01-10-21, 05:38 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey I wish you came back I love your UI
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Unread 12-14-18, 12:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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8.1 Fix

Any fixes for 8.1 incoming? Mini map isn't working properly after patch.
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Unread 10-29-18, 04:41 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Pawn Item upgrade indicator on item in bag


Install LUI and like the clean look and design but have a question when I open my bag I would like to see the arrow indicator that pawn put on item that are an upgrade . I can't see it and if I mouseover I see the upgrade value but not this indicator. If you click on the individual bag to open it will show there but not on your default all in one bag.

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Unread 10-23-18, 07:35 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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raid frames

recently started using LUI again, i used V3 for years and left it in Legion. I am a Ele shaman with Resto OS. How do i edit the raid frames to be out of the way for DPS and smaller for Resto?
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Unread 10-19-18, 06:06 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: Awesome

Originally Posted by Varinn
Hello, I appreciate that UI and use it since Cataclysm or at least since MOP for sure. It is for me a great and simple start to edit all my Addons to first set up this UI and optimize it however I want.

Now I have a problem. I want to move 1) the /bigwigs extended Bar, but it always snaps back to your UI settings and 2) I want to add a spell to the /raven "special buffs", i did it several times, but also that Addon seems to not save THAT "rework" from me. I did several other changes to your UI and your profiles of Addons, which worked well.

Thank you for all your work @Tonyleila and thanks to everyone who can help me with the problem I have.



EDIT: I just found the FAQ about adding buffs to raven - but also i found the problem with the bigwigs bar which is not moveable - because of dominos somehow. I dont know why and how to solve it, but whenever i turn off dominos, the bar is moveable and saves, whenever dominos is on, the bar from bigwigs sticks to a point related to dominos somehow after each reaload of the UI.

Please help.
Tell me the buff you want to add to raven and I'll add it for everyone.

The Bigwigs bars are locked in position via the addon kgPanels /kgpanels config and then check out the options there for the different bars
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 10-12-18, 11:09 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hello, I appreciate that UI and use it since Cataclysm or at least since MOP for sure. It is for me a great and simple start to edit all my Addons to first set up this UI and optimize it however I want.

Now I have a problem. I want to move 1) the /bigwigs extended Bar, but it always snaps back to your UI settings and 2) I want to add a spell to the /raven "special buffs", i did it several times, but also that Addon seems to not save THAT "rework" from me. I did several other changes to your UI and your profiles of Addons, which worked well.

Thank you for all your work @Tonyleila and thanks to everyone who can help me with the problem I have.



EDIT: I just found the FAQ about adding buffs to raven - but also i found the problem with the bigwigs bar which is not moveable - because of dominos somehow. I dont know why and how to solve it, but whenever i turn off dominos, the bar is moveable and saves, whenever dominos is on, the bar from bigwigs sticks to a point related to dominos somehow after each reaload of the UI.

Please help.
Last edited by Varinn : 10-15-18 at 03:58 PM.
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Unread 10-11-18, 01:50 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: What is the bag addon called and how do you lock them

Originally Posted by Celestiel01
Hi Love this UI but I cannot find how to lock the bag window just wanna know what the addon is called and how to lock it other than that the UI is perfect.

Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 10-10-18, 10:25 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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What is the bag addon called and how do you lock them

Hi Love this UI but I cannot find how to lock the bag window just wanna know what the addon is called and how to lock it other than that the UI is perfect.
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Unread 10-02-18, 03:17 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Re: Great UI

Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Originally Posted by Stuartcutting
Really nice UI. The only tiny issue I have seen so far is that the special action button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner in some quests or instances just has a blank black button in it. Has anyone else had this problem? It still works so not a problem but I can't see what the spell is.
Yep I know of this problem, Its a problem with Masque Addon I reported a few month ago but maybe more ppl need to report this problem...

See here: https://github.com/StormFX/Masque/issues/33

I'll try the fix that is suggested there for the next version of the UI!
Brilliant, thanks
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Unread 09-30-18, 08:51 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: Great UI

Originally Posted by Stuartcutting
Really nice UI. The only tiny issue I have seen so far is that the special action button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner in some quests or instances just has a blank black button in it. Has anyone else had this problem? It still works so not a problem but I can't see what the spell is.
Yep I know of this problem, Its a problem with Masque Addon I reported a few month ago but maybe more ppl need to report this problem...

See here: https://github.com/StormFX/Masque/issues/33

I'll try the fix that is suggested there for the next version of the UI!
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
Last edited by Tonyleila : 09-30-18 at 08:52 AM.
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Unread 09-30-18, 08:46 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: Quest Log

Originally Posted by Proudmoore
Everything was running perfect then all of a sudden my quest log just vanished. I have reloaded the UI, completely restarted game, and computer. I have also looked in the addons but not sure which one is the quest log addon.
Can't imagin an addon that coud have caused that maybe you find it out yourself if you find a way to reproduce it, tell me.
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 09-20-18, 05:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Great UI

Really nice UI. The only tiny issue I have seen so far is that the special action button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner in some quests or instances just has a blank black button in it. Has anyone else had this problem? It still works so not a problem but I can't see what the spell is.
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Unread 09-13-18, 10:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Quest Log

Awesome UI compilation well done. I am having one issue and pretty sure it is an easy fix, I am just not knowing where to go.

Everything was running perfect then all of a sudden my quest log just vanished. I have reloaded the UI, completely restarted game, and computer. I have also looked in the addons but not sure which one is the quest log addon.

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Unread 09-09-18, 04:22 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Re: LeilaUI

Originally Posted by Aider


Just a quick question. Does anyone know how it will look without Shadow Unit Frame addon?

But why??? just disable and find out. Note that the buffs are anchored to Shadow Unit Frames so If you want to use another unitframe addon it coud be lots of work for you.
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
Last edited by Tonyleila : 09-09-18 at 04:26 PM.
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Unread 09-09-18, 04:18 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Originally Posted by Gra4Vampir
Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Originally Posted by Gra4Vampir
Thank you for your work, it's bliriant. But can you let me know how can i fix this encoding problem?
Check this in my FAQ, from your screenshot I guess you only have to replace the HandelGothicBT font

#13 ▸How do i change the Fonts? It dosen't show Chinese/Japanese/Russian characters!
Basically i use 2 Fonts for addons HandelGothicBT.ttf and starcine.ttf
For Prat i use expressway.ttf

So if you always use the same name and just replace to font it may work... but maybe you have to change the fontsize of the addons ingame.
Make shure you restart the game completely after replacing a font.

Folders where you should replace fonts:
...\World of Warcraft\Fonts <-- change the fonts or remove the folder
...\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\SharedMediaAdditionalFonts\fonts <-- change starcine.ttf, expressway.ttf, HandelGothicBT.ttf

I read your FAQ.
But i didn't find any 'SharedMediaAdditionalFonts\fonts' folders. HandelGothicBT.ttf located in ..\Interface\AddOns\LeilaMedia\Fonts. So i created SharedMediaAdditionalFonts\fonts in Interface\AddOns folder and copy HandelGothicBT.ttf to this folder - same issue. Where i was wrong?
World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\LeilaMedia\Fonts

or just search for HandelGothicBT.ttf
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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