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RaidMobMarker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.0.4
by: humfras [More]

This tool provides quick and easy raid target setting. The symbolbar is scalable and moveable. You can set description (like sheep, tank,..) and assign symbols to player.

For more information visit RaidMobMarker_Homepage

Kind of use:

  1. Open settings window and assign description to symbol.
  2. Target a player and right klick on a symbol in the symbolbar to assign a player to the symbol.
  3. While raiding select the target to mark these. Left klick on a symbol in the symbolbar.
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  • On Mouseover the icons you can see the assigned player and descriptions of it
  • Changeable order of Symbols
  • Raidleader can propagate to set assigned targets. The assigned players must have RaidMobMarker installed and allow remote control.
  • Set assigned players as MTs (CT_RAID, oRA2 supported)

Slash commands:
  • /rmm show/hide toolbar
  • /rmm help show all slash commands
  • /rmm mark 1-8 sets mark to current target (useful for use within macros)
  • ...

(alternative use /raidmobmarker instead)
Use the help command for the complete list. Also have a look at the Keybindings for RaidMobMarker.

Using with macros:

I use F5 - F12 to mark the mouseover target with the following macro:
/target mouseover
/rmm mark #
"#" is the raid target id number
1: Star - 2: Circle - 3: Diamond - 4: Triangle - 5: Moon - 6: Square - 7: Cross - 8: Skull

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RaidMobMarkerHUD is a standalone addon and can be used without RaidMobMarker.

The HUD provides a circular window for one-click marking. To display it, use the assigned key (see WoW's keybinding options) or the slash command.

To mark a target with a raid symbol, target the unit, hold down the assigned button or hold down the assigned button and target a unit.
Left-click a symbol and your current target will be marked with it. To unmark the current target simply right-click on a symbol. While holding down the button, the HUD will re-show when you change your target.

Slash commands:
  • /rmmhud
  • /rmmhud show shows/hides the HUD (for use with macros)
  • /rmmhud help displays advanced information

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This project have an intention to save the mark progress and mark automatic repeating groups the same way
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Unread 04-21-10, 07:32 AM  
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Originally posted by shinchih2001
are you thinking about icon lock function because in boss fight DBM maybe change raidmember's icon
DBM has a settings menu where you can decide which symbols DBM is allowed to use.
In the case, when DBM marks a player because of a specific debuff, you can disable the DBM function or remark manually or with help of macros.

RMM forcing DBM to not use specific marks or inhibit it to mark specific players is not what I would call reasonable.

And on the other hand, you can easily set everything up the way they will not conflict than hard coding this into RMM.
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Unread 04-20-10, 08:20 AM  
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are you thinking about icon lock function because in boss fight DBM maybe change raidmember's icon
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