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Adorable Hatchling Nests

Version: v4.02
by: Taraezor [More]

My new version is a Handy Notes Plugin here!

Places pins on the World Map and Minimap for every Razormaw / Ravasaur / Leaping / Darting Hatchling nest's spawn location. Each pin is customisable, has coordinates and difficult nests have extra tooltip information.

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How to Use
Instal: Like any other AddOn. Set up: Works 'as is' but is configurable.

Minimap Options: Left Click or Shift Left Click on a pin to change the pin texture. Each click cycles forwards or backwards through a list. Changes will also appear on the World Map. Applies to a single pin only. Excellent for fast marking of visited locations or locations where a hatchling was found. New!

World Map Pin Options: Click on a pin. A Drop-down menu appears. You may select a texture for that pin or apply the texture to all pins. Changes will also appear on the Minimap. New!

World Map "Magnifying Glass" Options: Click the button in the top right of the World Map. Check boxes allow you to show/hide the hatchlings, play sounds and to show coordinates. As appropriate, there are options to reset all pin textures and to display relevant World Map zones. Changes will also appear on the Minimap. New!

Command Line: Enter '/ahn', '/arn', '/rapt', '/raptor' or '/ador' in chat. Use '/ahn s 30', '/ahn s 40' (for example) to change the pin sizes.

Chat Links: Activate the edit box of any chat channel. Hold down the CTRL key. Move the mouse over a pin. Link, description and coordinate data will be pasted to your chat channel. Just hit ENTER to send!

Players are able to collect several raptor style companions/pets. They spawn within nests in different zones. Some zones have multiple possible spawn locations. The hatchlings may be traded or listed on the Auction House!

The Ravasaur Hatchling spawns within Ravasaur Matriarch nests. There are five possible locations in Un'Goro Crater. The respawn timer is several hours.

The Razormaw Hatchling spawns within the Razormaw Matriarch's nest. The nest spawns hourly and is located on the central platform within a Wetlands cave.

The Darting Hatchling spawns from one of Dart's nests, of which there are four possible locations. These spawn every couple of hours.

The Leaping Hatchling spawns from Takk's nests every hour. The four possible locations are at the base of a hill in the Northern Barrens.

😃 Resize pins
😃 Choice of textures
😃 World Map drop-down menus New!
😃 Minimap "quick change" texture mechanism New!
😃 If a pin is out of range of the Minimap it will hover at the border to indicate direction
😃 Tooltips
😃 Chat links
😃 The eyes (default texture) are looking at me! New!
😃 Wetlands shows either the cave entrance or the nest as appropriate New!
😃 Fast navigation to the relevant*map zones New!
😃 No Ace libraries = no bloat
😃 Ultra small cpu/memory footprint

Bonus Features
Pay close attention to the Raptor Eye icon 😉

If You Like Adorable Hatchling Nests
Nobody can resist an adorable Raptor Hatchling pet or the magnificent Netherwing Drake and Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mounts. You'll of course need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships and a Loose Pebble for your Dog! A familiar treat awaits if you complete Dalaran's Higher Learning. As you journey on this Long Strange Trip, map your way with X and Y coordinates and have some fun with Yarrr for pirate Tooltips.

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the cookies and beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend". 😊

== v4.02 - 4th July 2019
* esES typo
* Sound file bug occurring on even numbered days of the month (sigh)

== v4.01 - 3rd July 2019
* round() removed as not required
* Support for esMX
* Patch 8.2.0 version number change
* Title properly localised

== v4.00 - 17th January 2019
* Total rewrite for Battle for azeroth
* Integrated/synchronised into my other map AddOns
* Tons of new functionality. See online docs
* Therefore, too many changes to document here

== v3.03 - 3rd September 2017
* TOC version bump for Patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus
* PlaySoundKitID removed as of Patch 7.3.0. Replaced by PlaySound

== v3.02 - 2nd August 2017
* Tooltip for Takk and Dart swapped around. Doh!

== v3.01 - 19th June 2017
* Removed extra firstTimeIn declaration
* World Map's Tooltip now ANCHOR_CURSOR, as per my other AddOns
* Zeroed alpha immediately Minimap frames are allocated = no more "flashing" or "stuck" icons on login

== v3.00 - 9th May 2017
* Adult Raptor icon (if chosen) now blinks in the Minimap. Same as Netherwing Eggs
* localised SetMapToCurrentZone
* Fixed arcane bug where mouse coincidentally over the place where an egg appears on the minimap as you fly into the zone and for a fraction of a second the coordinates are not yet loaded into the button frame. Sigh
* Choice of icons expanded from 8 to 13
* "Macro Commands" in the command menu, whilst technically correct, has been renamed to the more sensible "Commands"
* Standardised with other of my AddOns: When Control key is down, NO NEED for "show coordinates" option to be on. I.e. link in chat (with coordinates) regardless
* Minimap - was not testing the alpha of the ds/npc frame when moused over
* Usual code formatting titivation
* Menu allows an option to be enquired upon and not just changed

== v2.14 - 29th April 2017
* Now using unregister/register code for GetCurrentMapAreaID as per some other AddOns. This to solve a Reputation mouse over bug in the Character frame!

== v2.13 - 29th March 2017
* Patch 7.2 Update

== v2.12 - 2nd February 2017
* New FPS preservation code requires a fudge for when players log into "unusual" zones such as Moonglade
* Fixed bug in Wetlands due to bulk copy/paste of code - replace subscript "i" with "1"
* The Great Sea is a (quirky!) sub-zone WITHIN the Wetlands. Code around this to prevent unusual placement of mini-map icon

== v2.11 - 29th January 2017
* Chatlink code in step with Netherwing Eggs AddOn. This also fixed a bug or two
* Possibly improve impact of this AddOn on higher FPS players who also have lots of Minimap stress
* Remove "world" from the "h" command description
* Tighten the testing to prevent multiple egg links in chat
* Also check for nil return values from GetItemInfo for the eggs. Extremely rare but possible right after a log in

== v2.10 - 11th January 2017
* Added Chat links!
* Added Coordinates to Tooltips (optional)
* Slight coordinate change to a Leaping Hatchling
* Standardising of code across all AddOns

== v2.09 - 4th January 2017
* LUA function calls localised
* Small change to (maybe) assist loading times when logging in

== v2.08 - 3rd January 2017
* Localisation throughout
* Coloured text theme
* Overhauling of chat commands
* Use new schema for loading in saved variables (auto delete of redundant saves)
* Added zhTW
* Translated Takk, Dart etc into zhTW and zhCN and added a correction to zhCN
* Improve French translation

== v2.07 - 1st January 2017
* Better management of sounds, especially randomness and selections
* Converted an mp3 which was actually a different format within and thus unplayable in WoW
* Fix inscrutable Northern Barrens error (non-stop raptor sounds) from WoW server weirdly continuously spamming zone events
* New adult raptor sound added
* Alter boolean baby/adult save var into a y/n save var
* Alter all boolean logic to conform with Blizzard interpretation of "true" (non-null) and "false"

== v2.06 - 25th October 2016
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"

== v2.05 - 21st September 2016
* Fix for nil table reference when in Wetlands

== v2.04 - 23rd July 2016
* Commence language localisation
* Minimap icon change size added. In synch with World Map
* Minimap icon scaling results in smaller icons overall
* Tooltips for World and Mini maps
* Minimum size for icons is 10 down from 20. This is extremely small
* Interface Version now 70000

== v2.03 - 1st June 2016
* Enhance TOC file "## Notes"

== v2.02 - 18th January 2016
* Un'Goro and Northern Barrens need special World Map code due to presence of a micro dungeon
* Logic to see (other) nest zones from within/without micro dungeons and indoors/outdoors in zones
* Benchmarked against Silverdragon and NPC_Scan Overlay. Exceeded their "accuracy" in overriding WoW mapping API limitations
* Chat commands to toggle on/off now work properly for both World and Mini maps
* Non-Blizzard sound files added:
* Attribute Commons 3.0: Velociraptor by snottyboi and T Rex Roar by Levitb. Godzilla Public Domain by Marc. All at SoundBible.com

== v2.01 - 14th January 2016
* Can now rotate standard WoW minimap
* Better set of "magic numbers" to provide greater accuracy in Wetlands minimap placement
* The Wetlands cave needed special code for each zoom level
* General code tidying efficiencies

== v2.00 - 11th January 2016
* Eggs appear on minimap for standard UI (i.e. round minimap) and only when minimap does NOT rotate
* Eggs show distant DIRECTION at the minimap border
* Wailing Caverns "foyer" cave does NOT now trigger Leaping Hatchling

== v1.03 - 18th October 2015
* Cleanup some local variables - define properly and delete unused

== v1.02 - 18th October 2015
* More exacting coordinates, reobtained and to extra digit of precision
* Unnecessary use of _G to concatenate a variable name
* Typo in the Change Log...

== v1.01 - 20th July 2015
* Added slash commands. /rapt, /ahn, /ador, /raptor, /arn
* ? paramater for a list of options
* plays a raptor sound when a raptor nest map shows or is clicked upon
* choice of icons now, incorporated into slash commands
* can resize the texture, again see the help list "?"
* Note added to webpages as to why no mini-map support yet

== v1.00 - 15th July 2015
* Initial release
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Idea for a different addon?

Sorry to put this here, but I'm not sure where else to put it. I just spent an inordinate amount of time making macros to create waypoints for finding the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph in Azsuna. This would be something along the lines of your Netherwing Eggs or Adorable Hatchlings. I used the list at this comment:


because it included comments in the waypoints. I was spending a lot of time searching 'is this in a cave under me? Is there a cave under me?' and got tired of it.
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How I wish I'd had this...

when I was farming them for alllll my alts, and the AH. Especially the Ravasaur.
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