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Appending function properly

First I defined the `AppendScript` function

Lua Code:
  1. local mt = {
  2.             AppendScript = function(self, handler, method)
  3.                 local func = self:GetScript(handler)
  4.                 self:SetScript(handler, function(...)
  5.                     func(...)
  6.                     method()
  7.                 end)
  8.             end,
  9.         }
  11.     setmetatable(object, { __index = setmetatable(mt, getmetatable(object)) })
This way I can write

Lua Code:
  1. local method = function()
  2.                        --do stuffs
  3.                    end
  4.     object:AppendScript(handler, method)

for append method to the handler script that, for example, I defined previously.

I would like to make sure that the function is not appended indefinitely: in a nutshell that the function is not appended every time the event fires.

it was recommended to make the Function Constructor in Metamethod __newindex and decide in AppendScript if it has to be recreated/destroyed, but I'm still a bit inexperienced with metatables.

Can you help me?
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