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New Item Highlighting
Feature #: 3022
File: Combuctor
Date: 10-24-08 11:45 AM
By: Sano
Status: Flagged for Future Version
From the the comment thread from Newbie:

Long time user of Baggins but looking for something lighter. I really like the "New Item" tag for items in the inventory with the virtual bag system, however I did not find anything similar in this add-on nor did I find any posts about it in the comments.

I'm assuming it's much easier to tag an item as a "New Item" in a virtual bag, but is it something that is within the scope of this add on?

For clarification:
"New Item" as in an item newly acquired since session log on and before resetting "New Items". Should be able to reset "New Items" through an option or automatically reset after visiting a vendor.

Thank you very much for making this add-on.