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File: Minimalist08-05-09
error after Patch 3.2
Posted By: dreamtgm
I am getting the following error after patch 3.2 was released yesterday: Message: Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:246: attempt to index local 'frame' (a nil value) ... Stack: :18: in function <:4> : ? Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:246: in function `FauxScrollFrame_GetOffset' Interface\AddOns\Minimalist\Minim...
File: FluidFrames11-25-08
Posted By: dreamtgm
I see that Portfolio is now at version 0.8. Since it is used by Fluidframes, should we update to that new version manually, or is Fluidframes dependent on the specific version supplied with the Fluidframes mod?
File: FluidFrames11-19-08
can FluidFrames move the player cas...
Posted By: dreamtgm
can FluidFrames move the player caster bar? And can the party frames be resized altogether instead of individually?
File: TotemCaddy11-15-08
an enhancement
Posted By: dreamtgm
The slide-out tray showing all of your totems is interesting, but would you consider an option to place that on any of the four sides of the mod? Currently it is at the bottom, thus you need to have space below for it to "slide out" and show you the totems. I have this mod near the bottom of my screen, thus it slides out off my scree...
File: Steam Pixel Texture Package11-12-08
required mods
Posted By: dreamtgm
You may want to update your "Addon info" page here on WoW Interface, as well as the Readme file, to indicate that there are 2 mods required to use your textures: kgPanels kgPanelsConfig Notice that there is no underscore character in the name. Searching the mod sites for "KG_Panels" turns up nothing, since this is not the corr...
File: nUI10-26-08
chat window background setting not saving
Posted By: dreamtgm
I have tried to change the chat window background setting to solid black at 100% to make the text more readable, but it does not appear to save this setting. A console reload (including /nui rl) or logging out and back in will lose this setting and revert back to the default at 0%.
File: NotesUNeed07-16-08
2.4.3 causing an error
Posted By: dreamtgm
With the new WoW patch, I am now seeing the following error every time I open the Social window (and also when choosing any of the tabs in that window: Friends, Who, Guild, Chat, and Raid): NotesUNeed.lua:7681:attempt to index local 'lBttn' (a nil value) I am currently running v6.45.20400 of NuN.
File: cyCircled09-26-07
adding support for TrapBar
Posted By: dreamtgm
Would it be possible to add support for TrapBar by Happy_Warbird (found on the files.wowace.com website)? I tried taking a copy of AspectsBar.lua and changing the letters "Aspect" to "Trap" to create a new plugin, plus added this new plugin to the toc, but it didn't work. Thanks.
File: RecipeBox 2.0.305-26-07
dc'd when linking enchant from RecipeBox
Posted By: dreamtgm
Has Blizzard changed how enchants are linked? If I try to link an enchant from RecipeBox while I am on a non-enchanter toon, I get dc'd from WoW. This does not happen for any of the crafting abilities (ex. I'm on my blacksmith, open /rbox, link a leatherworking item to chat without problem. Use the same toon but link an enchant to ch...
File: eCastingBar12-19-06
flightmap support
Posted By: dreamtgm
Is there a way to "turn off" flightmap support, so that the flight bar from flightmap appears again? I prefer that mods flight timer, which shows minutes:seconds, as opposed to all seconds shown in eCastingBar. Or could you give us an option as to whether we want our timers to be all seconds or show Min:Sec ?
File: Bartender312-19-06
numeric keys and keypad
Posted By: dreamtgm
Why can't I use the numeric keys AND the numeric keypad at the same time for Action Buttons 1-12? This is supported in the Blizzard keybindings menu, but every bar mod I have tried after the 2.0 patch will only let me use one OR the other, not both. Why can't I have the numeric 1 key (above the letter Q) AND the numeric 1 key on the...
File: FruityLoots11-04-05
isn't working
Posted By: dreamtgm
I had been using Quickloot, which stopped working after I installed BibMod 4.13. I've upgrade all the way to 4.15, but it still doesn't work, so I removed it and installed Aceloot, but I still have the same problem: the loot window is not popping up under my cursor. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any suggestions that might fi...