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File: TomTom08-22-15
Use of Astrolabe
Posted By: Comicus
It appears several addons, ie HandyNotes, Gathermate2 have switched to HereBeDragons-1.0 since Astrolabe is no longer maintained. Can someone make the changes to TomTom...???
File: GnomeSequencer06-25-15
Working like a Charm
Posted By: Comicus
my brother, Dumicus, forgot to put my Sequences.lua file in the folder. Duh !!!! PS. MacroTooltip update is working
File: GnomeSequencer06-23-15
GS stopped working after patch 6.2
Posted By: Comicus
Did Blizz do it again and made some changes to screw with GS..?? I also noted that MacroToolkit does not work, is it needed for GS?
File: TomTom10-19-14
Error Beta v60000.0.0.1
Posted By: Comicus
When I "Enable quest objective waypoints" I get : 2x TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:66: Usage: QuestPOIGetIconInfo(questID) : in function `QuestPOIGetIconInfo' TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:66: in function TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:218: in function `EnableDisablePOIIntegration'...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends11-09-13
Occasional Error
Posted By: Comicus
I get this error occasionally, when I do I reload my addons: 6x AddOn "Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends" tried to call the protected function "IsDisabledByParentalControls()". !BugGrabber-r198-release\BugGrabber.lua:552: in function FrameXML\MainMenuBarMicroButtons.lua:229: in function
File: Dugi Questing Essential09-28-13
Game stops responding
Posted By: Comicus
When I try to log in from character selection screen with your addon enabled the game stops responding. If I disable the addon the game loads as usual. If I activate the addon while in game my screen locks up and the game stops responding. Any suggestions..???
File: Skillet08-09-13
Posted By: Comicus
Keep getting same error on all characters. Screen does not change from Cooking skill when trying to switch to other trades. 3x Skillet-r316\UI\MainFrame.lua:1274: attempt to concatenate field "name" (a nil value) Skillet-r316\UI\MainFrame.lua:1274: in function (tail call): ? Skillet-r316\RecipeGr...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends10-17-10
Posted By: Comicus
When I try to download r36, it still tries to push r35...
File: Bagnon02-14-10
Still having Errors with Skillet
Posted By: Comicus
I know this is not a Bagnon_Forever problem, but I use Skillet and keep getting an error as to how Skillet looks for item counts. Skillet has not been updated in a while but hope you can tell me what to do to fix it... From Skillet\LibPossessions.lua -- ======================================================================== --...
File: Ackis Recipe List12-01-09
ARL 2696 has killed Skillet
Posted By: Comicus
Installed ARL 2696 and now Skillet locks up and gives this error: : Skillet-1.10-LS-163\UI\MainFrame.lua:1934: attempt to call method 'GetRecipeLocations' (a nil value) Skillet-1.10-LS-163\UI\MainFrame.lua:844: in function (tail call): ?: Skillet-1.10-LS-163\UI\MainFrame.lua:2616:...
File: GatherSage209-08-09
Posted By: Comicus
When mousing over some items I keep getting an error: : GatherSage2-2009-09-04\GS2_Tooltip.lua:337: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 't' (a string value) GatherSage2-2009-09-04\GS2_Main.lua:807: in function `ProcessTooltip' GatherSage2-2009-09-04\GS2_Main.lua:263: in function ...
File: Bagnon05-28-09
Error when used with Skillet
Posted By: Comicus
I continue to get "LibPossessions-146: Unable to obtain items counts using Bagnon_Forever: Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Forever\db.lua:315 Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID)|"name"|"itemlink"). Will no longer use that addon" I would make the change, if I had the knowledge, to Skillets search method. Here is what I can find :...
File: Bagnon04-12-09
Guild Vault
Posted By: Comicus
If you want to use something for Guild vaults, try ALTOHOLIC, I added this to my addons and now I see what is in my vault on tooltip, along with what all my characters may have in their bags or bank....just an FYI. Nothing will replace Bagnon in my addon list, thank you for the update.:banana::banana::banana:
File: Recipe Book12-28-08
Error Message
Posted By: Comicus
I seem to get this message alot: 2008/12/28 02:01:11-271-x2]: RecipeBook-3.0.2-8\RecipeBookOutput.lua:234: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) RecipeBook-3.0.2-8\RecipeBookOutput.lua:42: in function `GenerateTooltip' RecipeBook-3.0.2-8\RecipeBook.lua:491: in function (...
File: SocketAssistant12-28-08
Having Errors
Posted By: Comicus
I just started having errors showing up: : SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:119: attempt to get length of field '?' (a nil value) SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:86: in function `getGems' SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:62: in function `SocketAssistant_OnEvent' :"*:OnEvent":1: in function <:1>
File: Bagnon11-09-08
Error when used with Skillet
Posted By: Comicus
Whenever I open Skillet I get an error message in Chat --- LibPossessions-146: Unable to obtain items counts using Bagnon_Forever: Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Forever\db.lua:315: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID)|"name"|"itemlink"). Will no longer use that addon Does not do a report in BugGrabber. Skillet opens in Blizzard UI screen. I...
File: Bagnon10-22-08
Update on Screen lock
Posted By: Comicus
I disabled all addons but Bagnon and installed them one at a time. When I installed Auctioneer Suite 5.1.3662, which was the most recent update, my screen locked up when mousing over bank and bag icons. I have always used whatever the current version of Auctioneer was at the time, never woulda thunk it was the culprit !!!!!!...
File: Bagnon10-20-08
Lock ups
Posted By: Comicus
I use the same mods for all my characters at this time ( will do class setups when bugs are fixed =) ). When I open druid and look inside bags, he locks up mousing over icons. This does not happen when playing any other class. Weird !!!!!!! PS. I have used other bag programs with out lockups, but I really like Bagnon...
File: Auctioneer10-17-08
Error with 5.1.3625 Suite
Posted By: Comicus
I keep getting the following error: : Auc-Advanced-5.1.3625 (SnaggleTooth)\Modules\Auc-Util-SearchUI\SearcherSnatch.lua:411: ')' expected near 'link' --- I have not used the program except to open it and look. Didn't have any errors with previous version. UPDATE: Looked on their boards and they are aware of the probl...