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File: StackCount11-27-13
Still works.
Posted By: Xeddicus
In case anyone is looking for a simple thing like this, don't let the category fool you: The mod still works fine. Thanks for it, btw!
File: MountRandomMount11-12-13
It be nice if it summoned your Sea...
Posted By: Xeddicus
It be nice if it summoned your Sea Horse in Vashjir. At the moment is acts like you can fly.
File: RestXPtoGo11-12-13
Still works.
Posted By: Xeddicus
This still works as of 5.4, in case anyone was interested.
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List10-17-13
A minor miracle: The mod has been u...
Posted By: Xeddicus
A minor miracle: The mod has been updated for Mists of Pandaria. Just so it's not perfect there's a typo in the pending update (Fool's Cap ink listing). I'll correct it sooner or later...later has happened.
File: Linkepedia07-18-11
Thanks for finally updating this ad...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Thanks for finally updating this addon, been waiting forever for it.
File: Scrolling Combat Text06-28-11
Since everyone else is going "I fix...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Since everyone else is going "I fixed it!" but failing to mentioning HOW- Around line 437 in sct.lua add sourceFlags2 and destFlags2 to the SCT:ParseCombat function so it reads like: function SCT:ParseCombat(arg1, timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceFlags2, destGUID, destName, destFlags,...
File: Combuctor04-26-11
Originally posted by PProvost Oka...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by PProvost Okay, found a hack/fix that seems to work (for now) for the auction house problem. It isn't perfect but at least you can see the AH again. It has something to do with the UIPanels code in Combuctor. It seems you cannot make the Combuctor window not be a UIPanel anymore. And since the priority of the...
File: Scrolling Combat Text04-26-11
Originally posted by Seiru I've m...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by Seiru I've managed to update SCT so that it works, and have uploaded my edited copy of both SCT and SCTD here: http://www.realmdance.com/SCT.zip If you'd like to edit the files yourself, please remove any instances of "happiness" from all the lua files, and then change the arguments for the ParseCombat func...
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List01-04-11
Cata update out.
Posted By: Xeddicus
The mod's been updated for Cataclysm (and a very old mistake has been corrected, hooray)! If you find anything wrong feel free to drop a comment.
File: Mapster12-09-10
Originally posted by Whatever4ever...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by Whatever4ever Getting this with v. 1.4.0: 1x Interface\FrameXML\QuestPOI.lua:204: attempt to index local 'poiButton' (a nil value): Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:1877: in function `WorldMapFrame_ClearQuestPOIs': Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:1718: in function `WorldMapFrame_UpdateQuests':...
File: ItemRack - Cataclysm10-23-10
Just wanted to say thanks for the p...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Just wanted to say thanks for the patch.
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-22-10
My low mana doesn't work either nor...
Posted By: Xeddicus
My low mana doesn't work either nor does incoming damage on my mage (seems to work on other characters). Dodges etc work fine, but when I get hit nothing. Disabled all other addons to check for a conflict, but same result. The 'SCT' dummy message fires when the option is checked, but no actual numbers in combat. Edit: And now it...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-20-10
Halion's Corporeality
Posted By: Xeddicus
I'm not getting the amount of Halion's Corporeality for some reason and I think it's because of SUF. Though I may be wrong. Can anyone confirm this and if it is possibly fix it (or point out what setting I'm missing). :P
File: Linkerator.lua for 3.3.507-12-10
Awesome, thanks.
Posted By: Xeddicus
Saved me from finding a replacement/looking at the problem myself. Thanks!
File: BasicComboPoints06-04-10
Increased Font Size
Posted By: Xeddicus
So I'm trying to increase the max font size for each combo point above 48, but increasing the max = number for each point and the frame size doesn't increase the graphical size of the number even though it seems to be accepting the setting in options. Anyone have any tips on what I'm missing? Something with the embedded libs? Or...
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List04-18-10
.4 update
Posted By: Xeddicus
In case anyone is still using this I've updated it a little to include Fire Leaf and Ancient Lichen. No idea when those became millable or if I just missed them, but someone pointed out Ancient Lichen and I noticed Fire Leaf so here we are. ToC was upped as well.
File: ItemRack02-08-10
Re: safer swapping
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by avngr I've altered my copy of ItemRack to use its existing queuing system for weapon slots as well, like it does for armor, so it will at least swap safely when combat ends. In ItemRack.lua, at line 75 in mine, I changed ItemRack.SlotInfo = { ...array stuff... } to: ItemRack.SlotInfo = { = { name="Ammo...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-12-09
Cast Bar Shield?
Posted By: Xeddicus
Does the Cast Bar support indicating uninterruptible casts? It doesn't seem to, but I may be missing something. And it turns out I was. Sorry! I didn't even see the option to change the color oddly (if there is one).
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List12-05-08
.3 update
Posted By: Xeddicus
Mod should be up to date now for Northrend. If not, manual additions are still possible.
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-04-08
Re: Re: Re: Still no good ...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by mhicaoidh I redownloaded and tried to import with no success. I disabled all addons except for Gatherer and the GathererDB ... same result. Minimap icon goes grey, nothing else happens. No import. :confused: I am able to receive entries from other players in game via the gatherables list, and all new...
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List12-01-08
Re: Very helpful
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by Khelkhet Hah, this addon has been a major help for me in my inscribing. Partly because I have a DK who is the herbalist, and a low-level rogue is my inscriber--and it's great to be able to say 'Okay, my rogue needs to make BLAH Ink, and these are the herbs she needs!' ;D Looking forward to an update for the Nor...
File: Combuctor11-04-08
Re: suggestion for quality selection
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by Melloss I've been a user of Sanity and Sanity 2 since I found them on wowace quite a while ago, but they have not been updated to work properly with 3.0. I had heard about Bagnon, and decided to use Combuctor (since WoWInterface recommended it as an alternate). My only request is to change the toggle from one q...
File: Combuctor10-29-08
And where do you get the newest ver...
Posted By: Xeddicus
And where do you get the newest version of Bagnon_Forever, then? Combuctor doesn't seem to include it, nor does Bagnon it seems. At least there's no tooltip information displayed still. This being the case, the old fix still works fine. Just put LoadAddOn('Bagnon_Tooltips') at the top of Combuctor.lua under the comment ("--]]") closi...
File: Combuctor10-25-08
Re: tooltip suggestion
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by ninjoo Can you make it so that the tooltip shows how many of the particular item you have on each of your characters on a realm, similar to how bagnon does it? Please scroll down to kysato's post where he quoted me explaining how to get this to work.
File: Combuctor10-19-08
Originally posted by TekNoir Xedd...
Posted By: Xeddicus
Originally posted by TekNoir Xeddicus, Thanks for the post. Adding that one line to the lua fixed my problems with the tooltips not showing information from bagnon_forever. Much appreciated! No problem, TekNoir. It was bugging me as well, I asked him about and he said he forgot to force a call to load the addon. So I dec...